Assessment at Match Up

This Chinese clan is an extremely engineered clan.  We have no 10s in the war they have two 10s and a TH11 with a level 14 warden.  We have 8 Th9s in the war and they have 8. One of ours is a bit engineered. I expected that we would get another engineered clan and we did but brought it last war and we were the engineered clan. Rare it works out that way. Two times in the last month.  I only bring our engineered account when we’ve been winning because when we win we will see engineers.

The Match Up

Us / Pared Up With

Rm Th9 / TH9

Z Th9 / TH9

Reshall Th9 / TH9

CaptainFalcon TH9 / TH9

Jessie Th9 / TH9

Z Th9 / TH9

Frosty TH8.5 / TH9

Happy Th8 / TH9

Yosa Th8 TH11 BK12/AQ21/Warden14

Sickthing Th8 / TH8

Cragh Th8 TH8

Blitz Th9 / TH8

Thwack Th8 / TH8

Frostbyte Th8 / TH8

Flirtilizer Th7.5 / TH8

Doom Th7.5 / TH8

Daggerstein 7 / TH10

Stiffy 7 / TH8

Thwomp 7 / TH10

Squire 7 / TH7

We don’t have any hope of winning this war. We could tie it but that’s in doubt too.

War Weight Comparison Vs China Clan 4-19-17

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

They are a level 9 clan with a war record of 145-69-5. We are a level 8 clan with a war record of 110-22-8.  The war will being on 4-19-17.

Battle Day

Seventeen Hours Remaining in War

The score is 49 to 45. They are not good attackers but it isn’t looking good for us despite our lead. Their TH11 easily killed our two top TH9s. They didn’t even bring their AQ nor their Warden! But he did bring 4 level 3 lava hounds and one level 4 along with 21 level 7 loons and a few other troops along with 3 haste, 2 poison, 4 rage spells. The poison and rage were max level at five. His total troop count is 240 plus a CC of 35.  Other than the TH11 they have been making low attacks while we go high.

War Loss Vs Chinese Clan 4-19-17

Sickthing had the fun of killing the engineered TH11 with valks. Only their top TH8 remains standing with 2 stars.  Blitz can easily take it out if Cragh is unable too.  The bad news is that so far we have failed to three star 1, 2 and 3.

Two Hours Remaining In War

The score is 55-60 and things look very bleak for us. That certainly is no surprise. Their number 2 base is very strong and after two attacks we have managed only 1 star on that base. We have enough attacks left to tie but our traditionally strongest attackers have already attacked.

More Battle Stats vs China clan 4-19-17

One Hour Remaining in War

Jessie came in and showed them how it’s done. She got a 99 percent 2 star on 2 but then three stared it on her next attempt with another of her accounts. She also three stared number 1. But we ran out of attacks leaving one her Th8s and less than 30 minutes to three star the last two 9s in the war.

Most Valuable Players

Gold: Jessie (Three Stared 1 and survived 3 attacks before getting three starred.)

Silver: Z (Six Pack)
Bronze: Cragh (Six Pack including number 1 TH8.)

Results of War

We lost but Jessie sure tried to get us a tie. The final score was 58 to 60 vs this impossible matchup. One of the worst, if not the worst, we have ever had. This bring our war record to 110-23-8.

Lose of War China Clan 4-19-17

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Jessie, Cragh, Stormy’s Squire, Thwomp

Outright Defense


Stormy Knights Battle Map

Knights Surviving at the End of War


Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Z, Sir Doom, Daggerstein, Thwomp, Cragh

China Clan 4-19-17 War Map

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