Assessment at Match-Up

Victory Like King is out of China and is highly engineered.

They have an TH10 with level 3 miners at position 5. It’s capable of killing any TH9 but has poor defenses and a TH8 might be able to three-star it. It does have four AD and fairly strong walls. Its walls are maxed TH9 and some max TH10 walls.  It does not have infernos.

CoC Profile for Victory Like King

They have four TH10s in total while we have two. They have four TH8s while we have fine. We have 6 TH9s while they have only 4.

At first, I thought we had a good chance of winning this war. We can only win this war if they are bad attackers.  They have an impossible advantage over us in this war.

War Weight Comparison

Their 12s will kill our 10s. Their 10s will kill our 9s. Some, if not all of their 9s will attack our 8s.  We can win if we have a good war. I’m worried about my attacks. I’m a little burned out. I can tell that I’m not attacking well in my Builder Hall attacks. I’m just tired. CWL wore me out.

It’s not as bad as CWL, our 9s do not need to attack 10s and 11s. We could probably dip but I think we’ll stay high with our 9s and give our 12s two attempts on their 12 if needed. Our 12s can also attack the 10s if needed but our 10s will have two attempts on the 10s as well.

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

They are a level 5 clan with a four war win streak.

We are a level 10 clan with a war win streak of 1. Our war record is 200-43-13. We have gone 32 wars without a loss.

Battle Day

Nineteen Hours Remaining in War

The score is 31 to 10. We have attacked 16 times while they have attacked 6 times.

There number 1 has attacked our number 1 and two both for two stars.  They got 60 and 69 percent. Their number two can re-attack if they wish but I suspect that base will murder our TH10s. However, Thunder’s base is a challenge even for a TH10.

Their attacks have been weak, Not a single three-star attack thus far. Most of our attacks have been for three-stars. Our TH8s even managed to get a high percentage two-stars on most of their TH9s. We did have two fails with our 8s vs TH9s.

We had one TH9 attacked that failed to three-star a TH9. It’s a hard base. I will record an attack on it so that we can use it for our TH9s.   It was my attack and now that I am watching the replay I see the mistakes I made. I think a TH9 will get that base.

My TH10 managed a three-star on their lowest TH10.  I am trying to wait for my second TH10 attack to make sure a TH9 can kill that base.

They have such a strong TH advantage that they can still make a war of it.  I think it will end up being a close war in the end. If our TH12s don’t have their usual strong attacks, we could be in trouble. At TH12 you just never know.

Eighteen Hours Remaining in War

THe score is 35 to 24. We have taken 19 attacks while they have taken 12. Their last few TH9 attacks have shown much improvement.

Their TH12s have started dipping. I suppose they are happy with their percentage on our number 1 and 2. I don’t think their percentage will be high enough. I think our 12s will do better but they are 12s so you just don’t know.

Thunder got a 94 percent two star on their number 4 and I’m happy with that. We still have two TH10 attacks and 3 TH9 attacks remaining along with 4 TH12 attacks.

Their TH9s and below are dead.  Their number 2 TH12 did manage a three-star on Thunder. It was close, Thunder almost survived.  It wasn’t a good attack. It was s spam attack. He used the same spam attack on our number 4 TH10 as well to get three stars.  That’s okay, we can do the same thing. If we need too.

They attacked again while I was typing this and the score it now 35 to 27.  They have now attacked 13 times. There four tens will kill our TH9s. On TH10 has attacked our number 2 9 and three starred it with another miner spam attack.  They are terrible they just war with an advantage.

We are going to stop taking TH8s to war if at all possible and I think we will see less of this kind of thing in our regular wars. CWL, we’ll still be on the disadvantaged side.

Sixteen Hours in War

Despite giving us one out-right defense on a TH9 vs TH9 attack they now have the lead.  The score is 35-39. They have attacked 20 times. Their TH10 at position 11 on the map failed to three-star our bottom TH9. I find that to be hilarious. They still have another TH10 at position five that has not attacked though.  That base may be dead. So it may never attack. It has no attacks this season and collectors/gold mines are nearly full. If it doesn’t attack they are very likely to lose on stars.

Stats 2 vs Victory Like King

I suspect they are feeling very smug about their achievements in this war. I think they are going to lose.

After a closer look, their TH10 at position 5 may not be dead. It’s xbows and infernos are loaded. They have been away for awhile but could come back and attack our one standing TH9.

Three Hours Remaining in War

The score is 42 to 43.  Of our 12s forgot to change to WW and had a bad attack on their 12. That one mistake was enough for us to lose this war.  We have one attack left but it’s a TH10 that can only attack a TH12. I don’t know if he will take the attack but it’s hopeless anyway. It’s already attacked their standing TH10 so it can’t attack that again.

We are going to lose our first war in 33 outings to a bunch of engineers that can’t attack. Maybe we’ll get easier wars but I think the problem is taking TH12s with no TH11s. We are going to take less TH8s and that might help us get more fair wars. Also, the 32 wars without a loss ensures that we will get difficult wars. We have to lose two before the matchmaker starts giving us more even wars.

Most Valuable Players

Gold: Thunder, 3 stars on 5 and 2 stars on 4.

Silver: Jessie, 3 stars on 6.
Bronze: Geeky Knight, three stars on 11 a Th10 and 15.

Results of War

We lost this war with a final score of 43 to 43.

A Loss to Victory Like King

We were clearly the better clan, one failure to change to WW cost us the war.  There were some attacks not tried and that should not happen.

Regardless of the odds, a TH10 should attack a TH10 before a 12 does. Yes, we had ot have three-stars and it was unlikely a TH10 would get that, still should try. I would have tried with my TH9.

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Erlohe, Raven, Thunder, Stormheart, Tragic Rhino, Billie, Doom, Millie, Geeky Knight

Outright Defense

Tragic Rhino

Knights Surviving at the End of War

Erlohe, Raven

Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Billie, Smiling Faces, Geeky Knight

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