Assessment at Match-Up

Love Fight, a clan from Bangladesh is not engineered.  They have two strong TH9s and three weak ones. We have only 4 Th9s but those weak ones are probably going to hurt them. They appear to be hoggers as all have upgraded hogs over other dark troops. The top two have solid troops and decent to high-level defenses. They also have a TH7 in the war that is not likely to help them at all.

Love Fight Profile

I worry about hogs as my base has not done fantastic vs hogs. I’ve made some changes but I’m still concerned. I think we will win this war though.

War Weight Love Fight

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

They are a level 4 clan which is a disadvantage for them.There war log is private and they have won only 29 wars so they have likely lost a lot of wars. Their current war win streak is 3 though.

We are a level 9 clan with a war win streak of 2. Our war record is 153-35-10.

This war will start on 10-21-17.

We had to take a short break in war due to illness, so this is our first war in several days.

Battle Day

Twenty-One Hours Remaining in War

The score is 23 to zero. They have not attacked. Their defensive CCs are either empty or not full. Perhaps they do not intend to attack in this war.

Their number 1 has an 87 percent two-star scored on it. Their number 2 is dead. Doom, killed their number 4 Th9!  All of their TH8s and the TH7 are dead.

Seventeen Hours Remaining in War

They attacked once and the score remains 23 to zero. Their number one attacked our number one but got only a 47 percent no star giving Stormheart an outright defense!

Love Fight Destruction Comparison

Three Hours Remaining in War

The score is 25 to 17. Jessie also got an outright defense compliments of their number 4 with level 2 valks.  He did manage to get two stars on me. They might be out of attacks. They have them but several of their players appear to be inactive. That includes their number 2. I will be surprised if we three star their number 1 but it’s possible, just not likely. So I think we will be one star short of perfect. Only their number 3 and 5 remain standing other than their number 1.

Most Valuable Players

Gold: Jessie

Silver: Stormheart
Bronze: Flirtilizer

Results of War

We won this war with a score of 28 to 19.  Their number 2 did not attack and I don’t think it has attacked for a long time. Inexperienced clans might not know how to kill a base with a layout of their number 2.  We have seen it many times and know exactly how to kill it. It appears that it has been inactive for a long time.

Final Results vs Love Fight

We failed to three-star only their number 3.

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Stormheart, Jessie, Sir Doom (3), Smiling Faces

Outright Defense

Stormheart, Jessie

Knights Surviving at the End of War

Stormheart, Imran, Frosty, Flirtilizer, Smiling Faces

Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Seadog, Flirtilizer, Smiling Faces

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