In the Stormy Knights vs One Piece we saw the worst match making yet. We matched against a clan with better defense and better troops that were also a level 8 clan with 108 war wins compared to our 24 war wins. If Supercell continues to give us matches like this, we will have only 24 war wins. I know that war record and clan level is not part of the matching process but it should be. But, right now, it appears Supercell is putting a lot of weight into the war win streak. Too much weight. If a strong clan loses a war near the same time we do, chances are too high that we will match with them. The only thing close in this match was our recent war win record.

Clash of Clans Loss

Because of the plus one in troop donations they have level 5 golems and level 6 hogs. Those are very powerful war troops.  It was not surprise to me that they had a perfect war with the final score being 60 to 57. We left three bases with one open star.

The number of TH9s was about equal, though they had some engineered 9 that were low on the map. Two of our three nines were TH 8.5 with no defensive buildings added. The top two were close to Stormheart’s base and he wasn’t in the war. He opted out to keep the war weight low. Still, we matched with someone with troops and defenses equal to his. Two bases equal to him.

One Piece Profile

In our last defeat, I was very angry because of our weak defenses. We still have a couple of weak spots but overall, our defense is much better. In fact, they didn’t do well with hogs. We had several one star and two star defenses.  That was because of our much improved defenses. We still have a couple of weak places though. I’m proud of our team, we did well considering the odds!

Stormy Knights Profile

Our profile graphic is not as it was during the war. The numbers are the same but these are not the bases we included in the war.

Six Star Knights

In this war, GameOver, Frostbyte, and Mr. Yosa obtained two three star attacks.

War Stats

War Stats 2

I said at the end of our last war that I feared we would go through a difficult time where we don’t get the best of matches and this one was the worst match so far. Though that war was perfect, I could see trouble in our future. However, I have a crystal ball and I know our next war will be a perfect war. I’ll be writing about that one soon.

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