Assessment at Match-Up

New Nellai Boys is a clan out of India. Their Royals are low.  

Their number 1 has Royals of 14 and 14. Their number 3 has the best Royals at 10 and 17.  They have adequate troops and solid defense.

Profile for New Nellai Boys

They have Laloon with Minions cooked at the matchup and an hour before the war they have the same thing at TH9.

They TH8s have a mix of troops cooked but the offense seems fairly weak on ground troops. Such as number 9 with no golem but level 4 valks. That’s what it has cooked.

Weight New Nellai Boys

Their TH8s have strong air defense but some have very weak walls.

They have one more TH9 than we do.

The war search matching took four times as long as it used too. I think because of our recent war win performance.

I think we will win this war.

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

They are a level 6 clan which will hurt them a little. Their war record is 78-23-3 which is pretty good. They have a war win streak of 1.

Map vs Nellai

We are a level 10 clan and our war record is 195-43-12 with a war win streak of 8. We have not lost a war in our last 26 wars.

This war will begin on 4-23-18.

Battle Day

Twenty-Three Hours Remaining in War

The score is 12 to zero.  We have attacked 6 times and killed all of their TH8s.  Three bases dead via Dragons and Loons and one dead by GoStorm. What a GoStorm is will remain my little secret. 🙂 It is a ground attack. But, some opposing clan might come read this and pick their base to prevent that.  Really, I’d rather attack with dragons anyway but I didn’t think we could get that base with dragons. It had weak walls, TH7 walls and I took advantage of that.

Nellai Boys Map

As usual, I am the only person that has attacked tonight. I’m trying to decide if I will attack with my TH9 tonight. I probably will because it’s still early.

They have not attacked yet.  They had baby dragons and archers in their CC.  The baby dragon is good but they probably should have brought a valk and wiz with that.

Twenty-Two Hours Remaining in War

The score is 15 to 3.  Their number 8 killed our top TH8 with dragons. That base gave me fits in a prior war so one of our 8s copied it. Jessie had no problem killing it with her 8s in that war and their number 8 had little trouble with it. I guess I’m the only person that can’t kill that base.

They have attacked one time and we have attacked 7 times.

Stats 1 New Nellai Boys

Their number 2 is dead but their number 1 is iffy for me.  I have three starred a similar layout while farming but I think it had some degree of luck in it.  I will know soon. If I can’t get it, it’s good to know early. Cragh has several attacks that can probably get it. I would love to remove the need for Cragh to have to do it.

It is a bit weak from the air because three AD are bunched up.  It is a great GoBoLaloon base. I am tempted to use that but I have killed it before with my preferred attack so I will try it again.  I did practice GoBoLaLoon recently but it’s not my strongest attack.

Twenty-One Hours Remaining In War

The score is 18 to 5. Their numbers 1 and 2 are dead.

We have attacked 8 times and they have attacked one time. All their 8s are dead and the top two bases are dead so we are in good shape.

Stats 2 Nellai Boys

They have attacked two times. Their number 7 failed on our number 2 and got two stars.

Nineteen Hours Remaining in War

The score is 25 to 11. We have attacked 13 times and they have attacked 6.

One of our TH8s got a three-star on their bottom nine.

Only 1 of our nines besides myself has attacked resulting in another three stars for our side.  

Only their numbers 3 and 4 remain standing.  I think four will be hard for us but I also think Cragh will three-star it. He’s clearly our best chance to kill that base. Its AD is in a bad place for healers or air attacks. We do have a scouting attack on it. That exposed only one giant bomb but ruled out some other possible placements. It might be enough to help a hogger.

While I was typing this their number 7 attacked out number 9 and managed to get two stars. That base is now out of attacks as is their number 4.  Out of their 7 attacks, they have been able to three-star only two of our bases.

The updated score is 25 to 13 with them taking 7 attacks now.

Seventeen Hours Remaining in War

The score is 29 to 14.  As expected number 4 is proving to be a problem.

We have attacked 16 times while they have attacked 8 times. Their number 10 attacked our 7 gaining only 1 star with two stars still open on that base.

Jessie has killed their number 3. That leaves only their number 4 standing. It has been attacked twice but the best we’ve been able to do so far was an 80 percent 2-star. Hopefully, we can get it. It has been too long since we managed a perfect war.

Their 1, 2 and 3 have still not attacked. They have 9 TH9 attacks remaining. We have only 4 left.  It’s good to see people attacking earlier.

Four Hours Remaining in War

The score is 29 to 19.  We have attacked 18 times and they have attacked 13 times. Three attacks on our number 1 with them getting an 89 percent 2 star on it.  Jessie still has not been attacked. They just attacked Doom with a TH9 and killed it, of course, We still have one TH8 standing but that TH9 will take it out.

We have two attacks remaining but only one shot at killing their number 4.  The attacker that will try it is capable of getting it.

They have four viable attacks remaining but based on what I’ve seen so far they will not get a tie. They have one possible attack remaining on our number 1. They would be foolish to use it there but they seem to be determined to three-star that base. They must three-star on every remaining attack in order to beat us and to tie, then need to three-star four times with their five attacks. I am assuming their bottom TH9 will easily kill out last standing TH8.

Two Hours Remaining in War

The score is 29 to 22.  Unfortunately, Cragh got a 97 percent 1 star on number 4. His hogs were pounding on the TH when the time ran out. The base was destroyed and almost three but not quite.

They have only two viable attacks remaining. They have not three starred any of out TH9s.  They didn’t attack our number 3 so far. Their number 5 which had a viable attack remaining on 9s used it to three star a TH8.  That was a bad move and removed any chance of them being able to win.

This war is won. That will be 27 wars without a loss.

Most Valuable Players

Gold: Stormheart, 3 stars on both 1 and 2.

Silver: Jessie, 3 stars on number 3.
Bronze: Blitz 2, threes stars on a TH9.

Results of War

We won this war with a final score of  29 to 24. They were unable to get three stars on any of our TH9s.

We three-starred all but one of theirs.

Victory vs New Nallai Boys

Our new war record is 196-43-12.  That’s 27 wars without a loss.

Our war win streak is 9.

Destruction of New Nellai Boys

We will probably take a short break from war. We have a key player out for a break and we are a level 10 clan now so there is no reason to rush into war.

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Stormheart (3), Cragh (2), Jessie, Frosty, Blitz (2), Doom, Smiling Faces, Jewel

Outright Defense


Knights Surviving at the End of War

Stormheart, Cragh, Jessie, Frosty, Blitz

Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Stormheart, Doom, Jewel

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