This was an easy war for the Knights. Usually when there is a war mismatch, it is not in our favor but this time it was. This clan never had a chance in a war with us. However, it was of their own making.  They had several rushed bases, four of our TH7s were matched to their TH8s because they were rushed. Our 7s had no problem killing them on their first attacks. This war brought our war record to 30-9-2.

Perfect War for Stormy Knights

It has been a while since we obtained a perfect war within 4 hours but we had no problem doing so in this war.

Fours Hours After Start of CoC War

Knights on Offense

Flirtilizer and Sir Stiffy managed to pick up two three star defenses. It is hard for others to get two because we killed most of the bases with our first attacks.

Knights on Defense

Sickthing had an outright defense and was attacked three times, never falling in war.  Only one star was scored on him. Tach95, Jill, Mumbo-Jumbo, Flirtilizer,  Sir Doom and RRUrbans all survived at least one attack. Some bases were never attacked!


War Stats:

War Stats

War Stats 2

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