Assessment at Match-Up

Cal C AllStar is not engineered, they are an international clan.

They are a strong clan with very strong defense.

Cal C Allstars Profile

We took a base to war that was not intended. We have a TH7 that isn’t ready for war at the bottom of the map. It does have level 2 dragons and level 4 lighting so it can do okay against a weak base but it will have to attack a Th8.

The clan is not making much sense to me. They have a 16 war win streak but they do not appear to have strong enough troops for that.

Cal C War Weight

I predict a close war but that war win record prevents me from predicting another win. Their war log on COCP does not show a lot of perfect wars. I find them to be very confusing.

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

They are a level 10 clan with 251 war wins. Their war log is private.

Our Map Vs Cal C

We are a level 10 clan with a war record of 190-43-12 and 21 wars in a row without a defeat.

This war will begin on 4-5-18.

Battle Day

Twenty-Four Hours Remaining in War

Only one attack so far but the score is 3-0.  Still it significant because our TH7 that was brought into war by mistake killed their bottom TH8.  The best part of it is the base spells out “You Lose” with its walls.

It had one level 6AD and a level 3 air sweeper which is a challenge for a TH7 with a level 2 Barbarian King but we got him. It was one of my bases. I have a lot of attacks to do in this war. I’m not playing normally right now because my arm hurts from playing to much. He had a level 6 dragon and loon in the CC.  A real problem for a TH7. Was a miracle the loon didn’t kill my king. He killed the AD and then immediately died.

Very happy to kill that base. For my second attack with it, it’s just an expensive scouting attack. I have no hope of getting three stars vs a level 4 air sweeper and 3 level 6 ad.  In the first attack, my king killed one of the AD and it was not planned but saved the attack. I hope I can get a star on my second attack but chances are high that I will not.

Twenty-One Hour Remaining in War

The score is 18 to 18. Both sides have attacked 8 times.  All the Th8s on both sides are dead. I suspect they have been winning a lot of wars on defense but they have a lot of close wars and a few wars where the other side didn’t really show up for the war.

They hit our TH8s hard and fast to try to demoralize us but we were a little slower but all of their 8s are dead. I am worn out. I didn’t scout the bottom TH9 because of that but Jessie has 4 TH8 attacks left and she can scout all the TH9s for us.

Cal C War Map

My four bases took out their five TH8s. I’m still pretty happy about my TH7 killing that bottom TH8. You may never get me to shut up about that!

They did have to re-attack out TH8s in some cases.  Their number 8 got a 99 percent two star on our number 9. Also, their number 7 had a no star outright defense for our number 7

Our four 8s each got six stars this war and the TH7 got four stars.

Eighteen Hours Remaining in War

The score is 20 to 18.  Our number 7 has scouted their numbers 3 and 4 and picked up a star on each one. We have attacked 10 times and they have attacked 8.  Both sides still have four TH9 attacks remaining.

Seven Hours Remaining in War

The score is 23 to 23. We have attacked 13 times while they have attacked 11.  Four of our attacks were Th8s scouting TH9s. Only one of our TH9s has attacked while 3 of their TH9s have attacked.

Cal C Stats 1

They killed our number 4 with a Laloon with three hounds and 26 loons. But managed only a 1-star on our number 2 and our number 1. Also, number 4 attacked our number 1 as well with 3 hounds, 1 hog to pull the CC and 25 loons. It managed only a 1 star on me. I assume it was, in part, a scouting attack.

They have 5 Th9 attack remaining which is plenty for them. We have 7 TH9 attacks remaining.

I think their number 2 is going to be the most difficult attack for me. But maybe not so bad for Cragh if I fail.

I cannot forget they have a 16 war win streak. I also cannot forget the “You lose” spelled out on their number 10. That makes me want to win that much more.

Five Hours Remaining in War

The score remains at 23 to 23 but the big news is their number one attacked our number 1 for a 37 percent no star attack giving our number 1 an outright defense! They still have three TH9 attacks remaining.

Cal C Stats 2

Both sides have attacked 13 times. I’ll be taking my first attack within the hour. High chance I will not three star their number 2.

Four Hours Remaining in War

The score is 26 to 23. We have attacked 14 times while they have attacked 13 times. We still have 6 TH9 attacks remaining while they have only three remaining and only one attack on our number 1 remaining.

We killed their number 2 while they have been able to three-star only our number 4 TH9 at this point.  They have attacked our number 1 three times and managed only 1 star at 73 percent.

Three Hours Remaining in War

Their numbers 1 and 2 are now dead. We have one base left to three-star and we still have 5 Th9 attacks remaining. Of course, we can only attack it three times but that should be more than enough.

Looking forward to our 102nd perfect war and ending their 16 war win streak and handing them a loss in the process. I am also looking forward to the title of this article that will be “No Cal C AllStars, You Lose.”  That will be in honor of their number 10 base with those words spelled out with its walls.

Two Hours Remaining in War

This war is won.  The score is 28 to 27 and they have no viable attacks remaining. Their number 3 attacked our number 3 for an 88 percent two star and their number 2 attacked our number one, picking up one star with a 68 percent two star.  The only question remaining is if we will get perfect and that is highly likely. Once again, Cal C Allstars, no you lose.

Update: With still over two hours remaining in the war we have our 102nd perfect war and 22 wars without a loss.

Most Valuable Players

Gold:  Stormheart, three stars on both 1 and 2.

Silver: Cragh, three stats on both 3 and 4.
Bronze: Geeky Knight for outperforming itself with a three-star on a TH8. This could have gone to a number of others but I felt like it should be noted. It was Geeky’s first appearance in any war.

Results of War

We won our 102nd perfect war and now have 22 wars without a loss.

This clan has been doing well but they have finally fallen. Their 16 war win streak is over.

Cal C Losses

On a closer look, they did have some mild engineering going on but I wouldn’t call them engineered. Some of their TH8s did not have all their defenses. I think they are keeping their Royals lowe in an effort to gain an advantage but I don’t think that’s a good way to do it. In a way, we are engineered slightly. We don’t have any level 3 xbows and we’ve not lost a war since we lost our TH9 that had them and was maxed.

Cal C Destroyed

I tell new TH9s “Do not fear the xbows, fear the Teslas.” But, they are not as much of an issue as they used to be. They no longer deal 2x damage to PEKKAs and we now have level 4 PEKKAs at TH9.  You can’t ignore the Xbows but they are just not as dangerous as Tesla and other defenses.

For more details on this war click here.

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Stormheart (4), Cragh (2), Jessie, Blitz 2, Jewel

Outright Defense

Stormheart, Blitz 2

Knights Surviving at the End of War

Stormheart, Cragh, Jessie

Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Stormheart, Cragh, Frosty, Doom, Smiling Faces, Jewel

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Update 06-02-18

Tonight we finished a random rematch with this clan.  This time it was on our feeder clan and once again we won with a final score of 30-23 this time.  They still have their “You Lose” base and this time it was attacked by a TH8.  It was easily dealt with.