Stormy Knights VS CoC Solid

While officially, there was no winner it sure feels like a win for the Knights! It was one of our worst matchups. I wish I could figure out why this is happening. They had three maxed out TH8s in this war. Two and three did not have max walls but the rest of their bases were totally maxed. They were a level 5 clan so they had plus 1 troop donations and they had a TH10 in their clan giving them level 5 PEKKA for their GoWiPe attacks.

They destroyed our bases early in this war. I could almost feel their smugness over the Internet but I knew it was not over. I knew we had our secret weapons, Jessie the Demoralizer had not yet used all of her attacks.

CoC Stormy Knights

Then the last two hours of wars came and she was in the mood for destruction. She executed three perfect Dragloon attacks and gave us a draw of 45 to 45. I was amused because they has stopped paying attention to our attacks. On the last two though, they had spectators watching the destruction. I know they never saw it coming. We didn’t have a TH10 in our clan, we don’t have plus one troops and we still destroyed everything they had.

Did I know Jessie would do it? No, of course not. But I knew she could. She was going to try to GoWiPe their number one, already had her CC Pekka but at the last minute she said “I think I can get that with a Dragloon.” I reminded her she had only three attacks left. But I agreed the best chance was a Dragloon because she’s so good at it. Then she took that base down!

Late in the war, we had four bases left that needed stars. Two, three and four each needed one stat and their number one needed two stars. TinyTowerMaster killed number 4. Several of our TH7s tired and one got a two star on that base. Another TH7 got a two star on number 3 but while it was impressive it did not help our score. Then Jessie went to work and the deed was done. With two bases three stared, we had to wait an hour for the fourth as there was a maintenance break.

One Hour Left in War

It was fun watching the number three base die along with the rest and letting that clan they had met a force to be reckoned with!

Knights on Offense

TinyTowerMaster, Natsu, LeOxe and Flirtilizer all had two three star attacks on bases with open stars.

War Stats:

Battle Stats

Additional Battle Stats

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