This war introduced a new method of war for Stormy Knights. It’s only a slight modification but instead of taking our top bases as a priority, we put more priority on our lower town halls and newer Clash of Clan players.  I call it a mini war. We started this war without a break. It started immediately after the previous war ended. The result was a prefect war with all opposing targets completely destroyed.Perfect War in Clash of Clans

Stormy Knights moves up to a Level 2 Clan

Two of our members got their first war attack in. They did a lot better than I did in my first war attack.  Finally, we were at war with another level 1 clan. However, we are now a level 2 clan.

A Commanding Performance for our Knights

Though they jumped out with “First Blood” to three star our number one base within the first five minutes of war we soon took the lead and never lost it.

At the end of four hours the score looked like this:

Early War Results

PayForTheThrills managed to pick up 2 stars in his very first war attack for his account. He is a town hall 5 and got two stars on a 6. He very nearly got all three stars. RoofDaddy is not new to the game but is a town hall 5 on this account. He pulled off a six star war on his first war with us. Also, our opponent failed to get a single star on his war base.  He defended four attacks. One of his attacks was on a town hall 6.  Sir Doom has been with us since the start and also had a six star war. He went low on one attack, it’s a giving thing to do as he eliminated a town hall 6 with a dragon in the clan castle. That probably would have been difficult for our town hall fives to take out. He eliminated the need even though he could have attacked a higher base and received twice as much loot. It is a giving thing to do for your clan mates.  Mr. Yosa also had a six star war.

Matching still not in Our Favor

Newberry 352 brought 5 town hall eight bases while we had only three in this war. This time our sevens had their work cut out for them. They attacked those eights and racked up a respectable number of stars on those bases.  Sickthing, a 7, managed a three star attack on a town hall eight.


Our war record now stands at four wins with one loss. It has been a good start and we are now a level two clan. It is a long way to level 3 but we are on our way. Becoming a level 5 clan is our priority to get that +1 level on all donations. We will have more back to back wars but at the moment we are taking a two day farming and building break.

Perfect COC War Stats


Want to join our clan? We are happy to have you.  You can find more information here.

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