With 18 war win 7 or 38.889 percent of them have been perfect wars. That does include one tie when both teams had a perfect war.  However, in this war we completely dominated the opposition. As is our normal way, we jumped out to an early lead and were never in danger of it going away. In just over three hours, we had a perfect war and the other side gave up. At the end, they were playing only to increase their own individual war stars and not even trying to get all the clan XP they could get. Instead, their top bases were going low and re-attacking bases that had already been stared while leaving several of our top bases without a single attack.

Stormy Knights in CoC Perfect War

Once again, the matchup didn’t favor us. Not only were they a level 5 clan but they had more TH8s and more TH7s in the war and while they were slightly rushed, they should have been able to dominate us. It turned out the other way though.

There were multiple attempts to join our clan, out of the blue. As a result, I will now only accept people if they have already spoken to me on our Band channel here.

At the end of three hours and 15 minutes the score looked like this:

4 Hours After Start of War

Six star Knights

Frosty, Happy, Jill, Natsu, Sickthing, Doom, RoofDaddy, and Frostbyte all had two three star attacks in this war. After we achieved our perfect war, many of our members were given permission to loot the highest bases they wanted too.

It was an easy war for us. Some war stats follow:

War Stats for Stormy Knights

More War Stats vs Andev CoC

Our war record now stands at 18-4-1 with seven perfect wars!

If you would like to us, please visit our join page that you can find here.