Our tenth perfect war concluded tonight. This time we matched with a clan that did not have plus 1 donations and we took full advantage of that. Scoring 60 stars for a perfect war within six hours of the start of war. Still, they had a TH9 in the war and we did not. They were rushed but that nine should have given them an advantage. Clearly, they did not have an advantage over the Knights.

Perfect Score in CoC War

One of our newer Knights really out performed in this war. Dragon first scored a three star with a GoHo attack on their number 4 base which both he and I realized this base was going to be difficult from the air. During a practice attack, one member attacked with dragons and got only 1 star. She frequently gets three stars with her attacks. He went on to get a three star attack on their number one base which was a TH9. Again, Dragon did this with a GoHo attack. Another member had already attacked it via a Dragloon for one star and suggest that Dragon attack it with a GoHo. That turned out to be a good call.

War Map After 16 Hours

The final score was 60 to 35 and brought our wars one up to 25. That’s 10 perfect wars out of those 25! The outcome of this war was decided in the first six hours.

Six Star Knights

Our knight that obtained six stars in this war were Sickthing, Sir Doom, Sir Stiffy, Dragon and Gnamsu.

Knights on Defense

We had multiple defenses.  Sir Stiffy obtained the most heroic defense because their number 15 came down to attack him. It was a weak attack and Stiffy’s walls are developed enough to repel most ground attacks. After Dragon’s noteworthy attacks on offense, he obtained two defenses and never got starred in the game. Gnamsu, Blitz and Gerry also score at least one defense in this war.

War Stats:


War Stats 2

If you’d like to join the Knights and hopefully be part of another perfect war, visit our join page. If you have any questions or thoughts, please share them in the comments below.