I can’t name this clan because I can’t type Chinese characters. We lost with a score of 53 to 56. It was a painful loss because the loss was because of me. I failed to get a star on my two attacks against their number 1 and 2 base. That meant our second nine had to attack them. She did well against both but we needed her to pick up three stars on a  couple of bases down low. So if I had done my job and picked up four stars, she could have got easily got 2 more which would have given us a two star victory. It really feels bad to cost your team the war. I did.

Stormy Knights VS China 08-15-16

Knights on Defense

Survived at Least One Attack

Jessie, Gerry, Natsu, Sickthing, Tach95, Stiffy, Happy,

Outright Defense

Gerry, Stormy’s Squire, RRurbans

Bases Standing at the End of War

Tach95, Happy, Natsu

Knights on Offense

I hope this never happens again because of me.

War Stats

Additional War Stats