This war brought the Knights their 21st perfect war! with a final score of 45 to 41 and a war record  of 44-11-2 which means we’ve won three times more wars than we lost. We noticed from their war log that their last four wars had been one with perfect wars for them!

This war also brought several spy attempts.  Their TH8s has quite a few with lvl 5 AD and level 2 dragons. These TH8s were destroyed by our TH7s

 Pefect War for Stormy Knights

Knights on Defense

Survived at Least One Attack:

TinyTowerMaster, Frostbyte, Sir Stiffy, Natsu, Frosty, Tach95

Bases Still Standing at the End of War

Tach95, Jill, TinyTowerMaster, Natsu

Knights on Offense

A summary per Clash Caller of our attacks in this war follows:

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