This was a strange war. We won and gave us perfect war number 22. The final score was 45 to 25. Most of their clan never attacked. The ones that did, three stared nearly everything they hit. Oddly many of the attacks were not good. They attacked with dragons in every case though I expected to see hogs from their top two bases. Their number one never attacked! Their dragons tended to circle a big part of our bases but then would move back to the center with three or so dragons and kill the few remaining defenses. I often thought there was no way that was going to be a three star only to watch them get it in the most unusual ways.

Stormy Knights VS Asgard Perfect War Win

We struggled on their top three bases but Jessie killed all three of them before the night was over. She was a bit excited when she killed the last remaining base. We both had been worried as it looked like they could beat us with about 10 hours left in the war.

When we matched, this looked like an easy war because they had several bases rushed on offense. They started by attacking low which gave them a chance to beat us if they had just showed up. In the end, they had 21 remaining attacks and we had only 2 attacks not taken and those two were from one of our “dummy” bases there just to fill out the troops so we could bring in 15 member and to bring the war way down for us just a bit.

Knights on Offense

As calculated by Clashcaller shown below:

Knights on Defense

Survived at Least One Attack

Gerry, Frosty

Bases Standing at the End of War

Gerry, Frosty, Sir Doom, Sir Stiffy, RRUrbans, Daggerstein, Stormy’s Squire

War stats are shown in the graphics below:

War Stats

War Stats 2

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