Assessment at Match Up

It’s an even match, well, as even as they come. They have no 7s and we have three. But, they have a TH5 and TH6 and we have nothing below 7.  

United Warriors Profile

Several of their 8s have level 2 dragons which will make it difficult for them to not run out of attacks. All of our 8s have level 6 AD and level 4 Air Sweepers.

I think we will win this war against United Warriors.  They have some good players IF their war stars indicate skills. They don’t always.

War Weight Comparison Vs United Warriors

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

They are a level 10 clan while we are a level 8 clan. So they have the +2 troop advantage over us. United Warriors has a war win streak of 2 and 229 war wins. Their war log is not public. We also have a war win streak of 2 and a war record of 112-23-8 with 57 perfect wars.

Our Battle Map Vs United Warriors

Battle Day

21 Hours Remaining in War

Only their TH8s at position 11 and 13 remaining standing. All other are dead. Thwack killed the top two early in the war. One of the top 8s became a 9 after the match but it still has level 8 defenses. He didn’t even add the queen?

But Doom just killed one of those remaining 8s and now the score is 27 to 1. We have taken 10 attacks and they have taken 1 attack.

Battle Map for United Warriors

16 Hours Remaining in War

The score is 39 to 9. Everything from their number 3 down has been three starred. We have attacked 16 times and they have attacked 6 times.

4 Hours Remaining In War

The score is 43 to 34. Their number 1 attacked for a no star on Reshall (number 2) and a 3 star on Z at number 1.  They have three of our nines with zero stars.

We have 2 stars on their number 1 at 80 percent and 2 stars on their number 2 at 94 percent. Their number 2 and 3 have not attacked and their number 4 has one attack left and he’s got over 1000 war stars.  He attacked our 8.5 for his first attack and easily got a three star with double zap quake and dragons. Seems like they would have used him on a harder target but I’m happy wit it. I hope they can’t kill Jessie. Their 2 and 3 appear to be capable attackers at around 400 war stars. Cragh is the only 8 that remains standing.  

Jessie’s base has been the hard one to kill and it has not yet been attacked.

Both clans have attacked 19 times. Jessie has yet to attack with two of her nines.

1.5 Hours Remaining in War

Jessie arose and killed off the last two bases, One with Frosty and one with Jessie giving us our 58th perfect war.

Most Valuable Players

Gold: Jessie (Three starred number 1 when other had come up a little short. This gave us a perfect war.)

Silver: Frosty (Three starred number 2 when others had come up a little short.)
Bronze:  Thwack (Three starred top two Th8s. One became a 9 after the start of war but it still had TH8 defenses.)

Results of War

This gave us perfect war number 58 and a war record of 113-23-8. I think we had more defenses this war than in any other war. Some of smaller TH7s got multiple defenses as well as our number 2 TH9.

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Cragh, Frostbyte, Thwack, 2nd Squire, Squire, Happy

Outright Defense

Reshall, Stormy Squire (2), 2ne Squire

Knights Surviving at the End of War

Reshall, Jessie, Z, Cragh

Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Z, Happy, Yosa, Thwack, Frostbyte, Sir Doom, 2nd Squire, Flirtilizer

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