Our sixth perfect war brings us to a war record of 15-4-1 and a bit closer to becoming a level 4 clan. However we still have quite a way to go before we reach level four. This time we slacked off a little as it took us 4 hours and 9 minutes to achieve our perfect war. A perfect war is where all the enemy bases were completely destroyed. Going into this war, I knew it was possible but also realized it would be difficult to gain three stars for total destruction on their number one base. Jessie got a three star on her fourth try with her TH8 named Jill. At the four hour mark the score looked like this:

4 Hours into CoC War

It was all over once that was accomplished. Only one of their TH8s had level 3 dragons and it is very unlikely a group of level 2 dragons can three star all of our eights. However, their number one attempted a dragon attack on our number one. They did well but managed only two stars and that was the end of the war. While numerically, they could still tie but those low level dragons just had no chance. They attempted one more attack on Sickthing, a TH7 but managed only one star against him.

Clash of Clans war victory for Stormy Knights

Six Star Knights

Sickthing and Frostbyte managed to execute two three star attacks and pick up six stars for the war. Sickthing went for a TH8 at their position number 3 and destroyed it. Blargh, a TH7 making his war debut as a TH7 destroyed his mirror and then attacked their number one and managed to get a star on a nearly maxed out TH8. Jessie with her crew of TH8s did her thing, killing their number one base, number 2 and number 4. Several of the Th7s could have easily obtained six stars by attacking other TH7s but with everything already destroyed they decided to practice against more difficult Th8s. They all got at least one star. Doom was frustrated with a 99 percent attack on their number 4 base.

War Stats for Stormy Knights

War Stats

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