Assessment at Match-Up

AOP is another engineered clan, just after Supercell made more adjustments to improve war matching.  We have no .5s and no engineered bases but they are not extremely engineered.

They do have two more TH9s than we do. They have a TH9 at position 9 with a xbow. Hopefully, it is set to ground.

AOP Profile

They have four Th9 with max air troops.  Two have strong ground troops as well and number 1 has max troops. They top four have max air defense and decent ground defense at position 1 and 2.  Their 5th TH9 is pretty weak on both offense and defense.

They have a weak TH7 at the bottom of the map. I see NO further improvements in the war search but it is far from an impossible war.

AOP War Weight

I think we will win this war, we at least have a good chance. Their war record is pretty bad but don’t see many blowouts either. Looks like they will fight.

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

Their war record is 88-84-0 so that’s poor. They are a level 7 clan. We are a level 9 clan so no advantage for us there. Our war record is 149-34-9.

The war will start on 9-28-17.

Battle Day

Twenty Hours Remaining in War

Our Th8s killed all of their Th8s and two of the TH9s, including the TH9 at position 5 on the map.  

None of the nines have attacked yet. Their number 3 and 4 nines have attacked. They have one three-star. Only 1 of their TH8s have attacked for a one-star attack.

The score is 18-8. They have taken 4 attacks while we have taken 8 attacks.

I think they are in trouble but still early.

Four Hours Remaining in War

We are in a bit of trouble. We had a 90 percent 1 star from our best attacker on number 1. Their number 1 got a low 2 star on our number 1.  The score is 24 to 19. Hopefully, another of our 9s can at least two star number 1 but that base is probably a three star or one star. Only 2 of our 8s have been three starred. Their number 2 attacked our top 8 to take it out. He was probably the only one that could. I doubt their 8s could. There is a good chance their 8s cannot attack well enough to three star our remaining 8s. I hope not.

They do have two Th9 attacks left from their numbers  1 and 2.  We could still lose this war but we still have a very good chance of winning.

One Hour Remaining in War

After a bit of a scare, we have our 79th perfect war! I don’t see anyway for them to tie us. Though they have the attacks left they would have to be perfect on their Th8s and most of their TH8s are not attacking. Plus, they would have to find a way to three star our number 1 and 2 and they have only one TH9 attack remaining. “Stick a fork in them, they are done!” We’ve won this war.

Jessie was not attacking well, she failed to get a star with one of her TH9 attacks. She attacked number one for another 1 star and things didn’t look good. I gave her some input, she used it and said thank you about halfway through her attack as it worked! She needed to use rage in the core.

Most Valuable Players

Gold: Frosty — Three Star number 1

Silver: Reshall — Three Star number 2.
Bronze: Doom — Three Stars on a Th9 at position 5 on the map.

Results of War

We won this war with a score of 30-22 and our 79th perfect war.

Victory Over AOP

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Reshall, Jessie, Blitz, Doom, Flirtilizer

Outright Defense


Knights Surviving at the End of War

Reshall, Jessie, Frosty, Frostbyte, Doom, Flirtilizer

Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Doom, Jewel

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