This war saw the return of our mini wars. It was also perfect war number 24 giving us a war record of 53-14-2. The final score was 30 to 8,  They gave up quickly. We took only two eights and the rest were 7s or below.

War Results VS China Clan 09-11-16

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Flirtilizer, R2U (Most were never attacked)

Outright Defense

Frostbyte, Daggerstein

Bases Standing at End of War

Mr. Yosa, Flirtilizer, Sickthing, Sir Doom, Sir Stiffy, Gerry, RRurbans, Daggerstein, Frostbyte

More War Stats

Shown in the graphics below are some more details of this war:

Stats from The Battles

More Battle Stats

Knights on Offense

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