Assessment at Match Up

They are engineered but not really good at it. For example, a low TH8 with max defenses just not many of them. They often have no air sweepers at all.  Some have limited number and level of AD. They are trying to engineer. DCKB club appears to be a strong clan at the top where it matters but their royals are a bit low.  They have some very weak 7s at the bottom in an attempt to bring their war weight down.

DCKB Club Profile

Their Th8s are strong, some have level 6 AD and level 4 air sweepers down low.   

We can beat this clan but I expect a close hard fought war.

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

The war will begin on 6-5-17. They are a level 7 clan with total wars won at 92. Their war log is not public. They have a 4 war win streak going. We are a level 8 clan with a five war win streak. Our war record is 122-25-8.

Stats vs DCKB Club

Battle Day

Nineteen Hours Remaining in War

They have the lead at 35 to 45. We have taken 20 attacks while they have taken 16. I struggled more than I usually do and their 8s and 7s have not failed to three star anything. Yes, I’m suspicious.

However, their number 3 failed to three star our number 1 or 3. He got two stars on our number 1 and 3. There number 4 was able to three star our number 4 but that base is weak on defense.  There number 2 also attacked our number 1 but got only 1 star. Those are the only 9 that has attacked this far into war.

So far, only myself and Rusty have attacked.  I have attacked eighteen times!  Only Sickthing, Flirtilizer and Jewel have a six pack. I jumped the gun with Jewel and didn’t realize I had only 6 of 10 dragons finished cooking. I got in a rush because I had no shield. I’ve rushed before that way. I also missed an AD on one of my attacks, I don’t remember who that was.

More Stats vs DCKB Club

Finally, as I was typing this their number 19 failed to three star our number 19. They got only one star at 67 percent.

We are not in bad shape but I’m not happy with my performance. I’m use to killing all the TH8s. Not this time. There are still four standing.

Three Hours Remaining in War

Our 8s were unable to clear all of the TH8s but we are still waiting on one to attack.  Th8s need to attack sooner in war. Because now our 9s have to go down and get them. We left three TH8s in this war. Blitz was just now able to take out two of them. Blitz is our low level and lightly engineered TH9.

The score is 50 to 55.  Three of our 9s still have two attacks each left for a total of 6 attacks.  I am hoping our 9s do well quickly so that we can go down and kill their top TH8 with a 9.

Two Hours Remaining in War

We now have the lead. The score is 56 to 55. Jessie three stared number 3 and used her Frosty account to three star their number 5.  We still have four TH9s attacks left and their number 4 is not well defended.

One and a Half Hours Remaining in War

Jessie has killed the last three Th9s and is right now attacking the last TH8 with her TH9 using a double zap quake. It will die.

The attack is now over, I think she had one dragon die. We have perfect war number 63.

The score is 60 to 57 and they have two viable attacks left and three of our TH9s have been only two starred. One of their remaining attackers is quite weak. It is impossible for them to get a perfect war.

Most Valuable Players

Gold: Reshall

Silver: Jessie
Bronze: Frosty

Results of War

Another perfect war for the Knights with a score of 60-57.

Victory vs DCKB Club

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