Assessment at Match Up

An extremely engineered clan. A total mismatch but it is what it is. They have 8 nines in the war. We have four. I should have brought out engineered nine but I’m glad I didn’t. We have no .5s and no engineered clans yet we still get this kind of match.

Most, if not all of their 8s have level 6 AD.  They have no 7s in the war and we have three.

Winning this war is not impossible but highly unlikely.  

War Weight Comparison

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

They are a level 4 clan with 29 war wins. Their war log is not public. They have a win streak of 5. Our war record is 106-21-8 and we are a level 7 clan. This war will start on 4-8-170

Battle Day

18 Hours Remaining in War

Their nines are all dead. We have two TH9 attacks remaining and only three TH8s left to kill. They are doing well on most of their attacks but their number 4 got only a 1 star on our number 4 and Happy, out top 8 has been attacked three times and remains standing. They still have a lot of TH8 attacks remaining though.

Stormy Knights Game Map

Our 7s were out gunned again and could three star only the bottom two nines.

The score is 37 to 30. We have taken 16 attacks and and they have taken 13.

3 Hours Remaining in War

We have our 54th perfect war and they do not have the attacks left to match us. The score is 45 to 41.  We have taken 28 attacks and they have taken 22.

Enemy Battle Map

Most Valuable Players

Gold: Reshall

Silver:  Z
Bronze: Z

Results of War

Our 54th perfect war and a final score of 45 to 41. It was win number 107.

CoC War Results for Stormy Knights

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Z, Z, Reshall Reiz, Jessie, Happy

War Stats for Stormy Knights

Outright Defense


Knights Surviving at the End of War

Z, Z, Reshall Reiz, Jessie, Happy

Destruction Comparison

Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Z, Z Reshall, Jessie, Yosa, Frostbyte, Flirtilizer,

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