Assessment at Match-Up

Oddly, we had a war with Tamalaki Sultra about 60 days ago. It was a close game that surprised me. I thought it would be easy but they did much better than I anticipated they would do with their troops.

So, I will not make that mistake again. It was also the last time I failed to get a six pack, or six stars in war. I got a 98 percent two star on that base. I sure wish I had made a recording of that attack. I will double check but it is very unlikely.

Talamaki Profile for Rematch

They have an advantage at TH9 with one additional base and it is the same base that we had some trouble with until Muf came in and got it with hogs. Muf has left the game so we don’t have that this time.

Their troops and especially their Royals are low but I’m not going to let that influence me because I learned my lesson this last time.

Talamaki 2 Weight

I hope we can win this war but I am not at all certain of that.  If I remember right they used a variation of the Falcon attack. No wall breakers, valks but more giants that that attack usually takes.

I cannot predict a win but I can predict a very close war.  This time we are a level 10 clan. That only helps a little.

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

They are a level 11 clan and their war log is private. They have won 194 wars and they have a win streak of 4.

We are a level 10 clan with a war win streak of 2 and 20 wars without a defeat. Our war record is 189-43-12.

This war will begin on 4-2-18.

Battle Day

22 Hours Remaining in War

The score is 12 to 19. They have attacked 13 times and we have attacked six times.

Very similar to the last war. Except their nines are performing more as expected this time around. They are not getting any three stars on our TH9.

Our War Map vs Talamaki 2

They have attacked our number 1 and got a 60 percent two start. I did not use the same base that I used last time as best as I remember.  In fact, he had deleted his army (no attacks this season) as he had valks cooked. But this afternoon, he had loons cooked. Those went away and he attacked with valks and a Pekka along with one golem and a level 6 golem.

They have also attacked our number 3 for a 63 percent two star. They used a hog heavy attack with that and a queen walk with a level 10 AQ.  It was an HGH attack with giants in the CC. No Golem was used. The giants and the AQ shared the three healers.

They used the same attack on our number 4 as they did on our number 1.  2 Golems, one in the CC, 13 wizards, a Pekka and 13 valks. No poison, 2 rage, 1 heal, 4 earthquakes. The only difference was they used 1 rage and one jump on our number 1.  They got a 79 percent two star on it.

On our number 5, their first attack gave us an outright defense from their number 5. That attacker dipped to take out one of our 8s for its second attack. Their number 4 to a 54 percent two star on it with 2 golems including the CC golem, 13 valks, 1 Pekka, 13 wizards and 4 wbs. It’s AQ was only level 4 and the BK was level 7.

Talamaki 2 War Map

They used a GoWiPe to kill our number 9 on their second attempt and they killed our number 10 with dragons.  They used dragons on our number 7 for a 98 percent two star. Their bottom TH8 has not attacked. It has level 2 dragons so it probably will not attack anything that is still standing.

Our bottom three 8s are dead, number 6 has not yet been attacked and it will be attacked by a TH9 as only their bottom TH8 has an attack remaining. Doom is also still standing.

So just like the previous war with the clan, they have jumped out to an early lead but they had better attacks at TH9 in the prior war and even worse attacks at TH8.

Twenty Hours Remaining in War

The score is 17 to 21. I failed to three-star number 1 but got a 94% two star.

A TH8 got a two star on their Th9 at position 5 on the map.  One of our 8s lost connection while trying to scout one of the Th9s.

Talamaki 2 Stats 1

They have three starred none of out TH9s and they have only two viable attacks remaining. Their number 1 and 2 still have an attack left. Their number 6 has two attacks remaining but they still need to kill two of our TH8s.

Unless we have a disaster, we’ve won this war and it will be the second time we beat this clan. As long as we do our normally good job we have this one wrapped up.

We have attacked 11 times and that includes 4 Th8 scouting attacks. They have attacked 14 times.

We used different CC troops this time because we expected them to use ground attacks.

Nineteen Hours Remaining in War

The score is 19 to 21. Only one of our Th9s has attacked and got three stars on their TH9 at number 6. We have attacked 12 times while they have attacked 14.

Six Hours Remaining in War

This war could still be lost but I feel like we will get it.  The score is 21 to 25. They were able to pick up 4 more stars by attacking our TH8s with their bottom 9.

They have two attacks remaining so they may score the same thing they did last time which would be 27.

Talamaki 2 Stats 2

Number 2 is a difficult base so I may not three-star it. I did last time but that doesn’t mean I will this time. I do not remember how I attacked it. Its AD is in a bad place for me. I’m uncertain about how to attack it.  We have seven TH9 attacks remaining while they have two attacks left. We have a strong lead as far as bases that we have already attacked.

Two Hours Remaining in War

The score is 25 to 25 but we are in danger of losing this war. Just like the first time, it’s going to be close.  We have only three attacks left. As before we are struggling to kill their lower Th9s. And last time I did three-star their number 2.  

This time, my healers left my witches when I attacked number 2. The AQ got into trouble early, had to use her ability too soon and she died when she got in range of their queen. In case we see this clan again, I attacked from the south.

We have been unable to three-star anything but their lowest Th9. So, what I thought was a sure win is no in doubt again. Just like the first time.  If we lose it will be a team loss. I sure hope we don’t see these guys again. I’m glad they didn’t attack as well as they did the first time but they are likely to end up with the same final score.  In the first war, the never three starred one of our Th8s. They certainly didn’t give us a defense at TH9 as they did this time.

Jessie has not attacked yet. Their number 4 has its xbows set to the ground so she may laloon it. She’s got two attacks left and Cragh has one.

Forty Minutes Remaining in War

The score is 26 to 25. For the first time in this war, we have the lead. Better yet, they can gain only one star.  The damage percentage is 97.2 to 86. The most they can gain is 4.1 percent if they can three-star our number 2. I don’t think they can and we still have one attack left.

This war is won but it was another nail-biter with this clan.

Most Valuable Players

Gold: Jessie, 3 stars on number 4.

Silver: Cragh, 3 stars on number 5 and a 99 percent two star on 3.
Bronze: Stormheart, 2 2 star attacks on 1 and 2 for 94 and 90 percent.

Results of War

We won this war with a final score of 27 to 25. Both clans got 2 fewer points this war. The percentage difference was huge though.

Second Defeat of Talamaki

The final percentage was 98.3 to 86. They used all of their attacks except for their bottom TH8 with level 2 dragons. We used all 20 of our attacks, as usual.

I hope we don’t see them again but just in case, I did record their bases this time.

In this war, we used different defensive CC troops. Mostly we had 1 baby dragon, 2 valkyries, and 1 wizard. I don’t normally disclose this but just in case we see them again. Since our clans are so similar, we might have to fight them again.

Destruction of Talamaki 2

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Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Stormheart, Cragh, Jessie, Frosty (2), Blitz (4), Sir Doom, Blitz 2, Smiling Faces (2)

Outright Defense


Knights Surviving at the End of War

Stormheart, Cragh, Jessie, Frosty, Blitz

Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Smiling Faces

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