Not just a victory but a blow out perfect war! This time we achieved a perfect war within the first three hours of the start of the war. This was our fourth perfect war! I just can’t help having a little fun with their fondness of Satan. That they made a pitiful attempt to join us just causes me to rub more salt into the wounds. The matchup did favor the Knights and I thought from the beginning this would be one of our easiest wars so far. We got off to a late start due to a CoC update that pushed us back by more than two hours. The match up was not far off but their stats indicated to me that the devils would struggle in this war. It clearly proved to be correct.

The final score was 45 to 28. Only one of their member scored six stars. Their number one attacked our number 15 and 13.

Stormy Knights Vs Devil Kings

Six Star Knights

Gnamsu, TinyTowerMaster, Flirtilizer, Sir Doom, and Frostbyte. Tiny did go for drama on one of her attacks. She used up every second of the three minutes getting the last building hut in the corner with zero seconds left on the clock. Jill, Happy and Mr. Yosa destroyed their top three bases within an hour of the war starting. She only needed one attack with her TH8s.

I can’t believe that a clan called Devil King’s would try to spy using the in game name “Devil” but that’s what happened.

Spying in CoC

Devil Attempting to Spy

Other stats are shown below:

War Stats in CoC


Stormy Knights VS Devil Kings War Stats

We are now 55 experience points away from reaching level three clan level perks. If we show up, we should have that for the next war. This gives us a win streak of 3 and now that CoC is considering that in matchups I wonder if we will get a more challenging opponent for our next war. They probably have brackets for this criteria, like 4 in a row or 5 in a row or perhaps 2 in a row. We are not likely to ever know the specifics. It will make it more difficult to run up a long winning streak. I can still hope we will have one.

I will mention that one of our clan members had his first war attacks tonight and got three stars on his second attack. That was the knight known as Blargh.

If you’d like to join Stormy Knight, please visit this page.