Assessment at Match Up

An extremely engineered clan. We did bring our mildly engineered TH9 because our war win streak is above 4 and that usually means we will get engineered clans.

The clan, Basic Squad, has a 15 war win streak. They have 6 TH9s one at position 14 and one named Osama Bin Laden at position 10. They also have a TH10 at their number 12 on the map.

Basic Squad Profile

They have a clear advantage vs our 5 TH9s including ours at position number 8. We can beat them though and I would love to kill them because of the member named Osama Bin Laden and to end their 15 war win streak would be a bonus. But, I have no delusions. We have our work cut out for us. I hope we have a good war because we do have the talent, They appear a bit weak on offense and most of their bases are weak on defense. I doubt our 9s will be able to drop down though.

War Weight Comparison VS Basic Squad

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

They are a level 12 clan with 242 war wins. Their war log in not public. We are a level 8 clan with a war record of 115-23-8. Their war win streak is 15 and ours is 5. The battle will begin on 5-8-17.

Stormy Knights Battle map

Battle Day

21 Hours Remaining in War

In the words of President Obama “We got him!” That’s what Flirtilizer said after he killed their Osama Bin Laden with his first attempt.  He had 4 level 7 teslas on that TH9. Killed him in under two minutes. Only two AD but they were both level 7.

The score is 33 to 3. We’ve taken 13 attacks and they have taken 3.  Only their number 5 TH9 has attacked. Appeared to be mostly scouting attacks but he was trying to three star. I also suspect they may be modders.

Basic Squad Battle Map

So far only my TH8s and 7s have attacked except for Jessie’s Frostbyte attacked their bottom 9 which is an 8.5. She killed that and I killed all the TH8s in this war. No one else attacked I have all of my attacks in. I struggled with one base but the second attack would have worked if not for a misclick that wasted my rage. My newest TH7.5 killed it with the same attack. It was their number 9. Sickthing three stared the top 8, their number 6  with a Laloon and used Valks for the second attack killing their number 7 too.

Yes, I’m feeling a little proud because I really dislike this clan.

18 Hours Remaining In War

They started attacking and used their massive advantage to kill our 8s. They clearly didn’t have the skills to do it. The score is 42 to 33. Their number 1 lost connection on our number 1 and got a no star at 26 percent. With every attack they are nearly losing connection and have a couple of times.   Even 2nd Squire a new TH7 with level 4 AD survived an attack vs a TH9 but he did lose connection.

Stats VS Basic Squad

Now they have only our 9s to kill and they have to do it with 9s. No more unfair advantage. The playing field is now equal but I do suspect them of modding.

Our TH8s and 7 kill their Th10s, 9s and 8s while they come in with their TH10s and 9s to kill ours. Very frustrating but we are in a good position to win this war and I really want this one. I hope we at least get 100 percent war in case they do. I would be pleased with a tie.

Six Hours Remaining in War

This war is probably won. Their TH9s couldn’t do very well vs our TH9s. They have one attack left and the score is tied but we have a higher destruction percentage. We have four TH9 attacks left but all their 9s are two starred. Hopefully we can get a perfect war but that may be difficult. He can gain only 1 more star as his only attack will be on Jessie who has been two starred and rarely three starred from the air.

More Stats vs Basic Squad

I no longer think this clan is modding. I think it is a one person clan. The attacks on our 9s have all be the same attack. Their attacks come all together, that is, they attack in clusters. Many attacks one right after the other.

Most Valuable Players

Gold: Z — Three Star on Number 1 and high 2 star on number 2

Silver:  Sickthing — Killing the top two 8s along with alternate accounts killing everything below number 5
Bronze: Frosty — Three Star on number 4 giving us the go-ahead point.

Results of War

The final score was 43 to 42. Proving once again that fundamentals can and will usually beat an engineered clan. He did well until he no longer had an unfair advantage and then he just fell apart.  Trying the same failed attack over and over again with his different bases. We too had a lost connection with on or our top 9s so those negated each other.

Destruction Comparison vs Basic Squad

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Z (5), Jessie (3), Happy, 2nd Squire

Outright Defense

Z (2)

Knights Surviving at the End of War

Z, Jessie

Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Happy, Sickthing, Stiffy, Squire, 2nd Squire

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