This guide is not for those that want to be at the top of the charts in trophies.  In fact, on most of my bases, I go in several times a day and drop trophies.

Not for Everyone

I try to lose two or three for every three I win. If I get to high in trophies and am losing more than I like, I will make an effort to drop trophies five or six times between loot sessions.Builder Hall BH8

I got tired of being attacked by people that had more Army Camps than i had and I decided enough of that. So I started rushing my bases.

Max most of your base at BH5

Troops to Max:

Baby Dragons
Cannon Carts
Beta Minions (You don’t need them here but better to get them to 10 now)

You can do the archers and barbarians too if you want but I don’t. Once I have level 10 giants, Cannon Carts, and Baby Dragons, I don’t use archers and barbarians.

Upgrade all defenses and as many walls as you can. I like to use Ring of Walls from Clan Games. I don’t buy them and I end up with mostly max walls at BH5.


For me, this is the worst place to be.

Add new buildings.

Upgrade Barracks to unlock Night Witch.

Upgrade Star Lab

Max storage capacity.

Go to 7


Your number 1 priority is to add the new camp. It’s the main reason to rush.

But before you can add it you must upgrade both of your Elixir Storage so that you can store enough elixir to add the camp. If you have the cash, there may be a special offer for the elixir that will allow you to overflow your Elixir Storage and get it instantly.

If you have a Book of Building or a Book of Everything now might be a great time to use it.

Add the other new buildings.

Upgrade Gold Storage to 7.

Drop Ships: You can skip unlocking these BUT, you might want to unlock.  I didn’t but “Drop Minion” is a viable attack. I am starting to use it some at BH8 and it can be used at BH7 too.

Upgrade Star Lab — You don’t need it but it will be a pain to double upgrade at BH8.

If you get too much gold while upgrading other things you can upgrade Giant Cannon and/or Roaster

Sometimes I can upgrade my Giants, Baby Dragons or Cannon Carts to 11 while getting the gold I need for other things.


Your number 1 priority is to add the new camp. It’s the main reason to rush.

If you have a Rune of Elixir and a Book of Building or a Book of Everything now maybe when you want to use it.

Add new buildings but hold off on the Mega Tesla to last.

Get new defenses to level 5 as you can do it.

Get your new collectors to level 5.

You might want to upgrade some of your level 1 defenses before getting the Mega Tesla but I don’t upgrade any higher than level 2 before adding the Mega Tesla. The Mega Tesla is not very effective but I like to have all defenses down. One more thing they have to worry about.

You can hold off on upgrading the Star Lab.

Get to work on your Night Witches and Minions to level 14.

Now it’s time to upgrade the Star Lab.

Max your Night Witches and Minions.  You can go very high in trophies with only those two troops.

Once those are maxed you can unlock or upgrade DropShips. 

The Super Pekka just does not interest me very much.

Less Loot Per Win

The game is designed so that you want to be as high in trophies as you can. You get more loot when you win an attack and you are high in trophies.

This rushing approach doesn’t fit in good with that. You need to stay lower in trophies or you’ll face people that didn’t rush or have gemmed a lot of their defenses and offense.

Go as high in trophies as you are comfortable with.  If you are happy winning fifty percent of your attacks, never drop trophies. I like to get my three wins in and move on. So, I drop trophies. I settle for less loot so that I can do something else or go work on another base. I have 15 accounts.

At this time, all of my older accounts are now BH8 except for one. I have three newer accounts and they are all BH5.  Two of them are nearly ready to start their rush to BH8. The other is very new and needs more work at BH5.

It’s important to max your defenses at BH5 because you are not going to be upgrading most defenses until you are BH8.  Some of my BH7s have upgraded their Giant Cannon and Roaster to level 2 but that’s it.

Most of the time I three star with the troops I made at BH5 but when I don’t, the other side usually does worse than I do. This is especially true when a new BH8 is attacking and being attacked by any BH6.  I rarely lose. But, I often drop trophies because I don’t want to spend a lot of time on the BH.


On these rushed bases, I prefer to use Baby Dragons with 2 to 4 cannon carts when I attack.  That’s only in the beginning though and not all bases are well suited for that.

If you can get to the Air Balloons with your Builder Machine (BM) and the Cannon Carts (CC) then use that.  Take the balloons out with your ground troops and the rest of the base will usually fall to your Baby Dragons (BD).

Ground Attacks

When the base layout is poor for that attack, then I will use Giants with 2 to 4 Cannon Carts.  Archers might work too. The Cannon Carts are needed for the BH and the opponents’ guard post troops.

At low levels, when attacking with Baby Dragons, the air balloons are your biggest threat. They must be your main concern. When attacking with Giants the multi mortar is your biggest threat. Again at levels below TH7. If you don’t kill the multi mortar before using your Cannon Carts or archers they are going to die fast.

With a new TH5 and low-level BD you’ll probably want to use six giants and six archers.  The BD are not very good until they are level 10.

Even though I use Baby Dragons for most attacks, I’d rather be using Night Witches and Minions but you need to increase their levels first. The minions will work at level 10 but the night witches are best at level 10 too.

The Goal

Once I have level 6 Night Witches (NW) I will begin to use those more. It is far better if they are 10 but if the BD and Cannon Cart attack will not work on a base, the NW with level 10 minions can take out many bases. But sometimes I dislike the base layout for the above armies so strongly that I will use the NWs as low as level 6. I do that only as a last resort.  This NW and Minion attack is known as Mitch. Your level 10 minions are the key to this attack. They do most of the destruction but the Night Witches are great at distraction.

I have been as high as 3904 trophies using Mitch. I thought I was going to hit 4000 but I lost seven in a row. You will have that happen to you from time to time. But, perhaps not if you go in and drop trophies from time to time.

At some point, you want to max everything and get as high in trophies as you can.

Some tips for the endgame that not everyone would agree with.

Max your Double Cannons and Guard Post as a priority.

Max you Roaster

Max your Air Balloons

Max Teslas are nice too.
I personally don’t find the crushers to be nearly as important as most people do.  However, I’ve had my level 21 BM killed by them too many times!

I find that upgrading my Firecrackers don’t do as much good as upgrading my Archer Towers. That’s not saying you want to ignore them because they are important.

I find that upgrading troops is more important than upgrading the Battle Machine.  But, he’s just a one day upgrade until you get to level 10. I’d get the minions and Night Witches high first then get him to 10.

Don’t ignore your collectors. I’ve seen a lot of people with nearly maxed out bases and level 3 collectors.

We only get three loot sessions per day.  With level 8 collectors you can turn that into four loot sessions maybe it’s five. I don’t know but I know it’s a lot of loot. After I sleep, I check my bases and collect the loot. On my bases with max collectors, that’s usually over 20K per collector, sometimes closer to 30K times 3.  That’s significant.

With a rushed base, you’ll have other priorities but work on those and you’ll get your defenses up faster.

The Guard Post is important too. I am probably guilty of not putting enough emphasis on it but when I upgraded my main base’s Guard Post to 6 and attacked, I got three starred. That got my attention. I have noticed a Battle Machine take a lot of damage while dealing with my Guard Post. Don’t put it on the edge of your base. The thing is more important that it seems. When it was down was the last time I got three starred.

Attacking with key defenses down is an issue. If it is a two-day upgrade, consider that you can skip one day of attacking and still not miss any loot. If you miss one day, you can attack six times the next day for loot.  

If one of your three cannons is down it’s not a huge deal but if your Giant Cannon, Roaster or Air Balloons are down, you are far more likely to lose your attacks than you would normally be.

The Clock Tower

Try to boost your Clock Tower three times a day. It’s far more important to boost your builders and collectors than to use it for attacking. Attacking with it is nice and I try to do that but it’s far better to boost it three times a day if you can than to depend on it to increase your troop cooking during attacks.  Don’t freak out when some is using archers against your high-level walls and taking all day to finish their attack. They are probably going to lose. Attack, go find something to do for five minutes, attack again.

The game is in a constant state of change. This is pronounced at trophy ranges. At times. what was an easy trophy level is a difficult trophy range just a couple of weeks later. It seems like that just about everyone will have streaks where they just cannot win. Also, during and before clan games, more people will drop trophies. When this happens you may face more difficult bases at a trophy range where you usually have no problem winning.