No disrespect intended but I can’t type those characters in their name. This level 6 clan never had a chance against us. That is true even though they had the clear advantage in the matchup. The final score was 44 to 37. They had more TH8s and 7’s in this war but their rushing is why they had that and it cost them the war. They also had some no-shows that further hurt them. We jumped out to an early lead that they whittled away but never threatened to take the lead. They had only 9 three star attacks compared to our 14 for this war.


Six Star Knights

Sir Doom, Flirtilizer, and Mumbo Jumbo had six star wars. One base gave the 8s a difficult time and reduced the number of Knights to get 6 stars. Also, our TH6s had to attack TH7s at least once.

War Stats


More Stats:

More Stats

Our War Record

This brings our war record to 12-3-1 which is fantastic in my mind. It also gives us a war win streak of 6. We’ve already matched for our next war and the odds are not in our favor vs this level 6 clan with a win streak of 11. The odds are against us but we’ve added a motto now, “Let’s beat them anyway.” They have two 9s in the war compared to our single 9.  We will give them a war though, they can count on that.

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