Assessment at Match Up

They appear to be a capable clan. Their number 1 9 and number 1 7 both have over 1000 war stars. They are a level 10 clan that has a war win streak of zero. So they either just lost a war or had a tie. They have a previous war win streak of 12 as shown on Clash of Stats.


Their 9s have low heros.  Nothing higher than a 10. They are not an engineered clan. I expect a hard fought war that we will win.

War Results with COC ScZ

War Weight Comparison

Opposing Clan War Record and Date of Battle

This clan is a level 10 war record. Their win streak going into this war was 1 with 189 war wins. The battle began on 11-11-17.

Battle Day

They really surprised me with their weak showing. From the start, their attacks were overall weak. TH7s with level 2 dragons attacked with ground troops and failed to get a star or got one star. Their number 1 player never attacked. Their TH7 with over 1000 war stars did not attack. They had another 8 with almost 1000 war stars that didn’t attack at all. Their number two nine had his king in upgrade. At the end of war they had 15 untaken attacks. The final score was 59 to 41.

End of War Map

Clan Level Promotion!

Finally we are a level 7 clan which means we cut 5 minutes off our wait time before we can request troops again. Since I raid in shift, sometimes up to 6 hours at a time, this is a huge benefit to me. I don’t raid for as long as I use too because of the increased cost to boost gems. It drives me nuts to boost spells and now I’ll have even more need to do so.  In the past, with the 15 minute wait time, I could often let my spells cook while waiting to request troops. That’s the only negative to the reduced time but it is by far an positive for me. Less of my boost time will be wasted. Since I am a TH9 in champion, I’ll search long enough so that there is virtually no wait time to build troops any more other than the time it cost to “cook” them. No time waiting to request troops. I have been waiting so long for the clan perk.

Stormy Knights Promoted to a Level 7 Clan

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Daggerstein, Thwack, Frostbyte, Cragh, Jose 10, R2U, Happy, Flirtilizer, Chief Muf, Rm, Sickthing, Reshall Reiz

Outright Defense

Thwack, Cragh

Knights Surviving at the End of War

Rm, Resheall Reiz, Happy, Mr. Yosa, AviralSharma, Sickthing, Chief Muf, Ice Queen, R2U, Thwak

Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Jill, Happy, Mr. Yosa, Gerry, Cheif Muf, Ice Queen, Sir Doom, Cragh, Thwack

Graphical Summary of War

War Destruction Comparison

Game Statistics

More Game Statistics

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