There was never any doubt about this war, the knights were in command from the opening moments to the end of the battle. While I have nothing but respect for Kerabat Kotako7 the battle was pretty much decided at the match up. They were rushed and they paid the price for that. Once again, rushing your town hall to the next level is usually a very bad idea for war. The score was 44 to 31. The battle was close at the lower levels but at for the town hall eights, it was all Stormy Knights. I have respect for this clan because they were the first clan in quite some time that did not attempt to join our clan in order to spy on our bases.

CoC War Results Stormy Knights VS Kerabat Kota

Four Hours into War this Clash of Clans War

At just over four hours into the war, every base had been three stared except for their number one base which had not yet been attacked.

Four Hours into War

Stormy Knights Six Star Warriors

Thunder, Sickthing, Mumbo Jumbo, Sir Doom and TinyTowerMaster all managed to obtain six stars in this war.

Mr. Yosa was never attacked and neither was StormHeart. On their second attempt to three star Jill, they failed to pick up any additional stars. The war was over at that point and they stopped attacking. We were 1 star shy of a perfect war.

Our war record is now 8-3-1. That’s an outstanding result for a new clan!

Other stats for this war are shown in the graphics below.

CoC War Stats

Stormy Knights War Stats in CoC

If you’d like to be a member of Stormy Knights, please visit our join page.  We accept any town hall level. We are perfectly fine in helping you grow from a town hall three if you are willing to learn and try.