Our rules are intended to keep the clan orderly.

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In order to be included in war, you must join us on our band channel.

Check Band Daily.

Check Band before War Attacks.

Do not Rush Your Town Hall Upgrades. If Unsure check with Stormheart.

Donate when possible but only donate what is requested. Request what you want or accept what you get without complaint. (If you make a mistake while donating, just say you’re sorry. We all make donation mistakes!) We do not have donation ratios. Unless another spell is specified, Donate only poison spells. Having one earthquake is almost useless. It is of course best if you specify which dark spell you want.


Execute both attacks during war regardless of expected outcome. (Practice and looting attacks will be granted with permission. Otherwise go for stars. The more war bases you attack, the better you will become.)

Do not loot during war, your sole objective is to get stars with the above exceptions above.

TH8 must have level 3 dragons to war. Level 5 lightning highly recommended. Level 4 lighting is required. If you can’t meet these requirements opt out of war.

TH9 must have level 10 king, level 3 golem, and level 6 balloons in order to war as well as all the requirements for TH8. Level 5 Archer Queen If you don’t meet these requirements, opt out of war until you do. However, these requirements can be waved if you can three-star Stormheart with your TH9.  You must three-star Stormheart in order to be included in war.

Additional war rules apply but available only to clan members.

Fair Play Clan We are a fair play clan. That means no mods added to your game. Mods are out there that will show the enemies traps and there may be others. We don’t do that.
War Rules will be shared privately only.