Assessment at Match Up

A highly engineered clan with six TH9s against our two TH9s in this war. It looked bleak but on looking deeper it didn’t look quite so bad. Their top 4 nines are weak on defense and offense. The 6th nine is only a threat to our 7s.

However, they have a lot of war wins and quite a few perfect wars.

Perfect Score vs ISE PANG

Weight Comparison vs ISE PANG

Destruction Comparison

Our 8s are toast with all those nines on their side so we have to do very well.

Opposing Clan War Record and Date of Battle

A level 5 clan with 42 wins and only 16 losses with 1 tie that was a perfect war.  They have not lose a war in 6 battles. They have a war win streak of 4 going into this war. The battle started on 1-19-17,  Our war record is 87-18-5 with a war win streak of 8 at the start of this war.

Battle Day

With under 3 hours left in war we are 1 point behind. We had a large lead throughout most of the war. Their number one got a no star attack on our number one but their number 2 managed a 2 star 65 percent attack against Rm.

Rm got a six pack, two three star attacks vs their number one and two. Hard for the alpha base to get six stars in war.

The dragon lady, Jessie, has attacked only twice with her lowest 8 which also has a six pack. No more 8s remain so she will attack their number 3 nine with her 8s until out of attack then she should be able to finish the last two remaining 9s off with a couple of DRAGLOONS.

Game Summary vs ISE PANG

Their number 4 and 11 both added a fourth level 1 AD after this war started. We used a hog attack on number 11 and three stared it which made me very happy. He can stuff that extra AD and his xbow down his throat. What is a TH9 with an xbow doing half way down the map?

With one hour and fifty minutes left in the war, the dragon lady had gone to work and we achieved perfect war number 44. This clan finally ran into a real clan instead of the junk they have been beating with the crappy engineered bases. But, I have had enough and I too am working on a base with one cannon and one air defense. No other defenses will be added. Not even walls. Just troops. Once it has reached TH7 with level 2 dragons, I will bring it into war.

More Stats from War with  ISE Pang

War Results

The war ended with our 44th perfect war and a score of 60 to 58.  Their number 1 nine never made his second attack after getting zero stars on his first attack. This gave us a new record with a war win streak of 9. We’ve hit 8 two times but never made it too nine. End of Game Battle Map with ISE Pang

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