This was a feeder clan and an attempted engineered clan.  They did have 2 strong TH8s, one a max TH8 but we also had a max TH8.  They had a nine but it didn’t have it’s lab fully upgraded so it didn’t have a double zap quake to kill our 8s with. The outcome was pretty obvious before it started. Giving us a war record of 77-17-5. They had a war record of 42-16-1 at the end of this war.

War with BD Chittagong Results

AviralSharma had a good war killing the top two bases early and that pretty much guaranteed the win and perfect war number 39. We achieved a perfect war in under 4 hours.

The Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack


Gerry, RRUrbans, Mr. Yosa, Flirtilizer, R2U, Sir Stiffy, AviralSharma, Daggerstein,

Outright Defense

Stormy’s Squire, Gerry

Knights Still Standing at the End of War

Mr. Yosa, AviralSharma, Gerry, RRUrbans, Flirtilizer, Sir Stiffy, Daggerstein

Knights on Offense

Graphics From the War with BD Chittagong

Summary of War With Chittagnon

Additional Info on War With Chittagong

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