Victory at war for Stormy Knights! It has been too long since we won. We had two losses in a row and then a perfect tie where both sides had a perfect war. The two we lost, we lost by one base. It has been a run of close wars that we failed to come out on top. In one of the losses, both sides had equal stars but they had about .17 percent more damage so they rightfully got the win.

CoC Stormy Knights Victory at War

Finally we blew someone out with a score of 44 to 23. A few moments after the match, it was obvious to most of us that this clan had little chance of beating us. They were heavily rushed.  However, we have learned that until they attack, you just can’t be sure. Finally their number one attacked our number one and barely got a single star. It was pretty much over at that point. He never took his second attack. Many of their members left the clan. They had town hall eights with level 2 dragons. It was so bad that one of their nines attacked our TH4 and failed to get three stars!

4 Hours into Clash of Clans War


Loosing without Honor

They also attempted to spy on us. Someone named John sent a join request with something like “Hey Brother” as his request. It was promptly rejected. While someone can take your stuff, no one can take your honor. But, you can give it away.

Spies At War


Later, I noticed he was a member of the opposing clan.

So John and Harry 2000 consider yourself busted, shaved and kicked in the butt.

Harry 2000 Spy

We held the lead their entire war and at the four hour mark the score looked like this.

Our Knights with Six stars

Our six star warriors were Tiny, Sir Doom, and Mumbo Jumbo. Job well done folks. I will also note that PayForTheThrills got his first three star war battle. He’s a town hall six and it can be difficult at that level.

Our 7s faced many TH8s but they were low level. Still it prevented some of our six star regulars from obtaining six stars this time.

Stormy Knights War Stats

Our war stats are shown in the graphics below.

Clash of Clans War Stats for Stormy Knights



While I believe showing the enemy respect, it’s even wise but when people try to spy, I can’t respect that. Many clans do that and I suppose all is fair in war but not for me. There is still a case for good sportsmanship. Respect is given until you prove yourself unworthy.

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