Assessment at Match Up

It’s another fairly even match compared to what we are used to. They do have a clear advantage in that their TH10 has two infernos. One is a level 3. Our ten does not have infernos. They have some engineering going on that allowed them to get that higher level 10 in the war. He’s higher on defense but limited on offense. The only troops he has upgraded are his dragons and lightning. All TH10 troops are level 1. Most of his other troops were not maxed at TH9. His Barbarian King is only level 11 and the Archer Queen is level 7. He will have a difficult time against our TH10 but those dragons are a bit of a threat. He can do a double zap quake and face only two air defenses. He has no ground attack against even a TH9. Their two nines do have level 2 hounds and level 6 balloons so they are a threat to our nines if they are capable attackers. But both have low royals, near level 10 or lower.

War Weight VS Monster Energy

It should be a close war with the outcome likely determined at TH10.

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

They are a level 2 clan with a war record of 9-9-0.  We are a level 7 clan with a war record of 104-21-8.  The battle will begin on 4-2-17.

Battle Day

18 Hours Remaining in War

Our 7s struggled and managed to three star only one base, at TH8. Only 2 TH8s have attacked but for three stars. Our TH10 managed a 2 star 61 percent 2 star. Hopefully, they cannot do better but those level 5 dragons with level 6 lightning at their TH10 are a concern. Not how I would attack our TH10 but you never know. He doesn’t need to three star, just needs 62 percent which is possible.

Stormy Knights Battle Map

Reshall (TH9) has attacked their number 2. It was a very difficult base and he got three stars.

War is off to a slow start we have taken 8 attacks and they have taken only 2. One of those attacks was from their number 2 against our number 10. A TH9 with level 4 dragons attacked our TH7. Of course he got three stars. He has also left the clan. I don’t know if he will return. This clan may have already given up?

The score is 15 to 6.

12 Hours Remaining in War

Thunder got a 61 percent 2 star on their TH10. Reshall soon followed up with two three star attacks on their number 2 and 3.  Thunder then slaughtered a TH8 with 12 level 5 dragons in about 1.5 minutes. I said, “That was just wrong.” Someone said “You could have killed that base three times with those troops. And it seemed unfair.” I then said, “Yep, I wish I could do it again!” Frostbyte then took out their number 9 and 6 while Caragus killed number 5. A solid team slaughter.  The score was 29 to 8 at that point.

Monster Energy Battle Map

Most Valuable Players

Gold:  Thunder

Silver: Reshall
Bronze: Frostbyte

Results of War

Their number 2 never returned. It appeared they were told to attack the bottom bases first regardless of position. There were several attempts on our number 8 before they moved on and attacked higher. Immediately after the war four of their 10 players were gone. Most had attacked higher than what it appears that were their instructions but number 8 never attacked at all.

Stormy Knights Vs Monster Energy Results

They took only 9 attacks while we took 19.

Their clan leader, a TH10 never attacked.

The final score was 29 to 16.

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Cragh, Caragus, Gerry, Jessie (Most bases were never attacked)

Destruction Comparison VS Monster Engery

Outright Defense


Knights Surviving at the End of War

Reshall, Thunder, Jessie, Mr. Yosa, Gerry, Caragus, Frostbyte, Cragh

Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Reshall, Thunder, Frostbyte

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