Assessment at Match Up

Another engineered clan with a TH9 at position 11 on the map. But, we too have an engineered 10 with no xbows. They have two tens with no infernos but one has xbows. Neither has infernos.

Stormy Knights VS Akatsuki War Weight Comparison

We can win but it will be close.

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

Both clans are level 7. They have a war win streak of zero coming into the war and we have a wer win streak of 3. Our war record is 97-21-7. Their war log is not public.  The war began on 3-6-17.

Stormy Knights Game Map

Results of War

We won the war in a squeaker. They could have won but key players did not attack. Their number 1 three stared our number 1. Their number 4 two stared our TH10 and their number 1 decided to three star our three instead of our 2.  That was a good move but it cost them the war.

Stormy Knights VS Akatsuki Final Score

Their TH9 at position 3 did not attack and their TH10 at position 4 managed only a one star vs 1 and a two star vs our number 2.


Thunder got a 91 percent 2 star on their number 1 with his golem trapped in his lava walls. Reshall got a 90 percent 2 star on their number 2. A tie would have gone to us if they had tied.

Stormy Knights VS Akatsuki Game Stats

Many of our TH8s tried to three star their number 2 TH9. A gallant effort but without success.  


Most Valuable Players

Gold: Thunder

Silver: Frostbyte
Bronze: Flirtilizer

Knights on Defense

Stormy Knights VS Akatsuki Stats 2

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Sir Stiff, Frostbyte, Reshall Reiz, Thunder, RRUrbans, Sir Stiff, Sickthing, Thwack, Caragus, Chief Muf,

Outright Defense


Knights Surviving at the End of War

Thunder, Chief Muf, Thwack

Knights on Offense

Stormy Knights VS Akatsuki Destruction Comparison

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Frostbyte, Flirtilizer, Sir Stiff

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