At match appear weak at TH9. Their top 4 eights have level 6 AD and level 4 air sweepers that will make them difficult.

It turned out to be a close, hard fought war but the difference was their 9s with weaker troops. Their number two nine was weak on defense too, not yet having an archer queen. He was three stared in just over two minutes. I used a QW. My first time to use that attack in war. I also used the same attack on number their number one and the attack fell apart quickly. However, I did manage to get two stars with 86% and that’s all we needed.

Stormy Knights at War

The final score was 59 to 58 giving us a war record of 79-17-5 with a war win streak of 6. That likely means things are going to be hard until we lose again. I put my queen down for upgrade to level 25 after this war so I’ll be out again. Seems like my royals are down more than they are up now.

War Weight Comparison

Knights on Offense

War Destruction Comparison

Knights Getting Six Stars

Mr. Yosa, Frostbyte, Sir Doom, Daggerstein, R2U, Stormy’s Squire, 2nd Squire

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least on Attack

Stormheart, Jessie, Mr. Yosa, Gerry, Frostbyte, Sir Stiff, Ice Queen, Daggerstein, Stormy’s Squire

Graphical Summary of War

Anak Jalanan War Map


Anak Jalanan Battle Summary

Battle Summary vs Anak Janalan

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