This war brought us victory number 16 to the Knights. It was never in question. They had too many bases with underpowered troops. Either Th7s with no dragons or TH8s with level 2 dragons. That’s just not a recipe for to beat us. They are a level 5 clan that once again failed to fully use their advantage as they had only level 4 dragons in their defensive CC and when it came to attacking they had only level 5 balloons which they did not usually use. Instead they brought an additional dragon in their CC and often used only 9 dragons from their own troops. The final score was 43 to 31 with a total destruction by us of 95.67 compared to 76.33 percent for them.

Victory at War

Six Star Knights

Knights that earned three stars this war were Happy, Mumbo Jumbo, Blargh, RoofDaddy and Frostbyte. In this war, we jumped out to an early lead and we were never threatened. At the end of four hours, the score looked like this:

4 Hours after War Started

We destroyed a total of 14 bases while they destroyed only 4. RoofDaddy got a defense the first time he was attacked. This gives us a war win streak of 2. Hopefully that will lead to another reasonable clan that matches against us for our next war. We are taking a bit of a break but the break is over and will be going to war tomorrow.

War Stats 1

More War Stats

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