This was an easy war for us. We dropped some of our top bases from this war in hopes of get a better war match. It seems to have worked. Though we were a bit worried when this clan three stared our number 1 base with their number 7 on the map, their rushed TH8s were just not up to the challenge. They ended up with a large number of no shows.

Something still does not seem right with their number 7 being able to three star that base. I made our war log private after that. Though it seems unlikely to me, someone could use that to contact a clan from our previous wars to get a layout of traps on our bases. We did see several attempts to join our clan during this war and most of them came after I made the change to our war log. I really find it hard to believe that there is a lot of that going on but I made the change anyway. If someone came to me with such a request, I’d send them on their way fast.

Stormy Knights Victory

Knights with Six Stars

Only Sir Doom picked up two three star attacks but that was largely because we three stared most bases on our first attempt. Their number one and number eight being the only exception that.

Knights on Defense

Gnamsu, TinyTowerMaster, Natsu each had an outright defense.  Tach95 was never attacked, while Dragon, Gnamsu, Tiny, Natsu, Sickthing, survived at least one attack. Leoxe and Gerry were never attacked.

Player performance

The Knights performance according to Clash Caller:

Calculated Player Rankings

Calculates individual scores based on stars, target ranking, and gained stars for the war.

1. Tach95 11.9
2. Gnamsu 11.1
3. TinyTowerMaster 10.9
4. Sir Doom 10.6
5. Natsu 8.27
6. Jill 6.83
7. Sir Stiffy 6.66
8. Mr.yosa 6.58
9. Sickthing 5.33
10. Mr. Yosa 4.86
11. RRUrbans 4.58
12. Frostbyte 4.33
13. LeOxe 4.08
14. Gerry 3.83
15. Flirtilizer 1.86
16. dragon 0

War Stats

Primary War Stats

Additional War Stats

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