Once again, we were mismatched with a level 6 clan that had 59 war wins. Their war win streak was zero so I was a bit surprised we matched with them since ours was 6.  They had 12 bases at TH8 or above while we had only 11. In the same range. The number of Th9s was equal at 1 each. Despite their TH advantage and +1 troop upgrades we were able to defeat this clan in a close war. With the final score of 58 to 56. The big difference was they once again had rushed TH8s with level 2 or lower dragons. They also usually attacked with 9 dragons, pulled the CC and brought archers or other troops. Often as little less than the full 200 they could have brought. In the end, they made an effort to catch us but they needed perfect attacks and when an 8 got a two star, the war was decided.

War Results

Six Star Knights

Mr. Yosa and Sickthing picked up 6 stars on bases with open stars while Mumbo-Jumbo and Stiffy picked up six stars but one base had already been destroyed. Sickthing three starred their top TH7 and their lowest TH8.  Mumbo-Jumbo also three stared their top 8.

Some war stats are shown below:

Stormy Knights War Stats

More Stats for the Knights

This bring our war record to 20-4-1 with a war win streak of 6.

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