At match I thought their number 1 had very strong defense but weak troops. I was right about the defense but he was an excellent queen walker and scored a three star on our number 2 and a 97% 2 star on our number 1. However, they ran into trouble on our TH8s. Of course their number 2 three stared our top two 8s. He did it with his queen down which kind of hacked me off and made me want to win even more. He barely got our top 8 at position 4 on the map.

War Results

They were unable to three star our top three 8s with their 8s and their 9s ran out of attacks. Leaving two of our 8s with two stars. We left none of their 8s with any stars and only their top 9 had 1 open star. The final score was 59-57. This gives us a war record of 78-17-5 and a war win streak of 5.

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least one Attack

R2U, Just Jubei, Mr. Yosa, Happy, Jill, AviralSharma, RM, Stormy’s Squire, Gerry,

Outright Defense

Zaros2, Mr. Yosa

Knights Standing at the End of War

RM, Mr. Yosa, Gerry

Summary of War in Graphics

War Results Details

Additional Details of War with China Clan

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