They are weak on offense with their top two TH9s. We have three in the war. Their 8s are strong. From number 7 upward they all have level 4 air sweepers.  However, they mostly didn’t show up for war.

Flying Get VS Stormy Knights

Our War Record 68-15-5 at the end of this war.

Our battle map at the end of this war:

CoC Battle Map VS Flying Get

The Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at least One Attack

Thwack, Chief Muff, Sir Stiffy, Happy

Outright Defenses

Thwack, Chief Muff

Most of the Knights were still standing at the end of this war.

Stormy Knights on Offense Per Clashcaller

Graphical Summary of the War

Graphical Summary of War With Flying Get

Additional War Stats

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