Our war win streak came to an end at 8. We put up a good fight against this clan that had a clear advantage. The final score was 44 to 44 but that nine made it easier for them to get two more percentage points to secure the win.That gives us a war record of 45-12-2. When we win the next war, we’ll be back up to three times the number of wins vs losses.

Stormy Knights vs Genesis

Once again, the clan made several attempts to spy on us with request to join. That’s usually a good sign that they can’t attack. They had some very poor attacks down low but up high they did well.

Knights on Defense

Survived One Attack

RRurbans, Happy, Jill, Mr. Yosa, Sir Stiffy, Leoxe

Outright Defenses

RRUrbans, Jill, Mr. Yosa

Bases Standing at the End or War


Knights on Offense Per ClashCaller

Additional War Stats:

War Stats in CoC

Additional War Stats

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