This war took our perfect war count to 23. I think it is the first time we had a perfect war with out 9s in the battle. We are at the point now that we need to take at least one TH9 when we go to war, two is better. If only one 9 and that 9 has a bad war, it is pretty hard to win.

This clan made at least three attempts to spy and their attempts were, for the most part, obvious.

God Father VS Stormy Knights

Knights on Defense

Survived at Least One Attack

Mr. Yosa, Sir Stiffy, Thunder, Frosty, Happy, R2U, Jessie, Stormheart

Outright Defense

Sir Stiffy, Jessie, Thunder

Standing at the End of War

Stormheart, Thunder, Jessie, Sir Stiffy (Attacked 4 times)

Knights on Offense

Per Clashcaller

War Stats:

War Stats vs God Father

More War Stats VS God Father

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