Assessment at Match Up

A highly engineered clan. Almost impossible for us to win. They have 5 nines and a TH10 in this war. The nines are mostly with level 4 spell factories and the 10 has a level 5.

They have level 2 hounds on two of their 9s and level 1 on the other of the three at the top of the map.

The problem is going to be with the 8s. Our 8s don’t stand a chance in this war.  If they are very good with LaLoon then we have little chance of winning.

We did everything right to avoid engineers. We don’t even have any .5s in this war.  They have several 7.5s, one with level 6 AD and level 4 air sweeper. They have only 1 TH7 in the war and we have four. Our 7s are pared against level 6 AD, level 4 air sweepers and two TH9s. One with 4 AD three of which are level 6.

War Weight Comparison VS Kain Kafan

Clan War Records and Date of Battle

They are a level 10 clan, we are level 7. Another major advantage for them. They have a war win streak of 4. We have a war win streak of 6.  Their war record is not public. We have a war record of 100-21-9. The war began on 3-15-17.

Stormy Knights Battle Map

Battle Day

20.5 Hours Left in War

It is not going great for us. The 7s are basically neutered and have been able to three star only two bases so far. I had too poor attacks with Sickthing but no one is doing well. Rm did well with a 98% 2 star on their number 1. I hope it is enough. When it’s that close and you don’t get it, it is bad luck. Hopefully they cannot do better.

Kain Kafan Battle Map

Their number 2 has attacked our number 2 for a 81 percent two star. They used wizards, pekka and a healer.

The score is 16 to 25 and we have taken 12 attacks while they have taken 11. Most of our attacks were from our TH7s. So far, our 8s are not having a good war.

Four Hours Remaining in War

The score is 43 to 42.  They have one attack left and we have used all 30 of our attacks. The damage percentage is 99.13 to 96.33 percent. Our number 2 has 81 percent damage on it and our number 1 has 91 percent. I do not know if they can gain the 2.1 percent more they need to win. But they have only a TH8 attack left. They were unable to three star any of our 9s.

Final Score VS Kain Kafen

Most Valuable Players

Gold: Ray

Silver: RM
Bronze: Caragus

Results of War

We won and the final score was 43 to 42.  We will continue without taking engineers to see how it goes but I fear we will get many in our next war.

Game Stats VS Kain Kafan

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Rm, Reshall, Ray. Happy, Yosa, Caragus, Stiffy, Frostbyte

Outright Defense


Game Stats vs Kain Karan 2

Knights Surviving at the End of War

Rm, Reshall, Ray

Knights on Offense

Knights Achieving Six Stars in This War

Ray, Muf, Frostbyte

Destruction Comparison VS Kain Kafan

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