Once again our battle cry was “Let’s beat them anyway!” This matchup was one of the worst we’ve had. They had five TH8s to our four. One of them with low defenses that ranked number 9 under many of their TH7s.  We easily three stared him early in the war but that meant our eights had one less attack they could use and they needed it. I don’t understand why Supercell ranked it so low, perhaps because of the low hidden teslas but it had level 6 AD so it was not an easy kill.  We could only managed a one star on their number 2 base which lead to their victory of one point.  Total destruction for the war was even at 92.7 percent for both sides. Sometimes when you lose it feels very bad and I don’t think it ever feels good but this one did not feel horrible. I know we gave them a fight despite being outgunned but a level 6 clan with 82 war wins. We did good to even stay in the match and we very nearly beat them. The final score was 27-29. This brought our win streak of 8 back to zero. We now have a war record of 14-4-1. Still a very good record for a new clan.

War Results -- Clash of Clans

Six Star Knights

Only Sir Doom and Mumbo Jumbo managed to obtain six stars this war. Poor Sir Stiffy, a TH6 attacked two TH8s in this war for not even a single star. He attempted to probe their TH9 at position 9 in hopes he could reveal something for Mr. Yosa’s attack but the attack was so weak that it revealed nothing. That dragon popped out and smoked his loons. At the end of the war with the Knights one star behind in the score, he knew his only option was to attack their number 2 base. He did but managed only to kill 27 percent of the base. A valiant effort but it failed to get the two stars that would be required for a win. We would have won a tie.

Stormy Knights War Stats

Ending the war win streak is not all bad, it should help us get better matches. We will start our next war within a few hours and it is a much better match.

Additional War Stats


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