When we matched with this war, it looked very bad. It was probably the worse matching we’ve seen. We had no TH9s int he war and they had two. However, one was badly rushed and pretty much impotent. He was located at position two on the map, his first attack resulted in a two star. For his second attack he went quite low to get three stars. He was at position two on the map but he attacked our number 13. They didn’t have that luxury because their 8s failed to three star our 8s. I was amused at their very poor attempts to spy, one attempt by their number 2. Spying is usually an indicator that they can’t attack. However, they had only 1 loss in their war record and they had won the last three wars with a perfect score. This time they ran into a capable clan though and we beat them soundly.

Clash of Clans War Victory

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Natsu, Mr. Yosa, Sir Doom, Flirtilizer, Jill, RRurbans, TinyTowerMaster

Knights Standing at the End of War

TinyTowerMaster, Jill, Natsu, Mr. Yosa, Sir Doom, Sir Stiffy, RRUrbans

War Stats are shown in the following graphics:

Battle Stats

More Battle Stats

Knights on offense per ClashCaller: