At match up, they had a clear advantage as they had an engineered TH9 and we didn’t have a nine in this war. It had an army of only 200 but had the spells to allow it to zap quake 2 AD instead of just one.

Stormy Knights VS KPM Rockers

It turned into an epic battle. But, we beat them anyway. Their engineered TH9 hurt us by getting a three star on a base that rarely gets three stared. He barely got three stars though. This seemed to shake him up and on his second attack he went for our number 3 instead of our number 2. They had a hogger on their side at TH8 that had a decent number of war stars. I suspect they are use to him getting three stars on everything that person attacks. But he failed on number 2 with a 97 percent one star. His second attack, also with hogs came up short as well with another 1 star on our number 4 with 85 percent on that base.

Late in the war however, their number 2 got a three star on our number 2 and it looked very bad for us. Jessie had attacked number 1 and 2 already with two of her accounts and so far had come up with no better than a 2 star. Worse, a tie would go to them. It looked to be over but once again, Jessie saved us with a three star attack on their number 1 with one of her TH8s. A max TH8 with a level 4 air sweeper. This gave us a 1 star victory at 29 to 28 but they had a higher total destruction by about .3%.  

I was really upset before she got that as I had forgotten she had an attack left and once I knew she did, I knew she was the person most likely to save us. Which she did and it surprised her. We were, without a doubt a better clan but that engineered 9 kept them in the war and nearly won them the war.

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Mr. Yosa, AviralSharma, Gerry, Frostbyte, Flirtilizer, Ice Queen

Knights Standing at the End of War

Gerry, Frostbtye

Outright Defense


Knights on Offense

Graphical Summary of War

War Summary VS KPM Rockers

More Stats VS KPM Rockers

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