Two losses, back to back is not a happy time. This clan brought one fully maxed town hall 8 and another one with maxed troops. This set them up to have four strong GoWiPe attacks which they took advantage of. We had a nearly perfect war, the only problem was that they did have a perfect war. We failed to get the second star on their number one base despite at least seven attempts. Two of our gutsy TH7’s even took a shot but both failed to star that number one base.

Clash of Clans Stormy Knights Vs NEWBIE

Six Star Heroes in this War

We did have three knights that obtained a perfect six stars in this war. Gnamsu, TinyTowerMaster and Mumbo—Jumbo all had 2 three star attacks. Gnamsu managed to get three stars on a maxed TH7 with what I thought was an unorthodox attack. He lightened the AD that his dragons would reach first. It worked, I think, because the core was mostly empty. This allowed the balloons to get to the backend AD quickly and take them out. Though they had a long way to travel, they headed directly to them with his straight Dragloon attack. RWRE made his war debut in this war with a three star attack on his first war battle!

Early Results of CoC War

I am troubled that I was unable to even two star their number one base with our number one base. Stormheart was sitting this war out due to his Archer Queen being in upgrade. I was attacking with my TH8 and TH7s. My wall breakers went sideways after breaking their first intended target. One of my golems split at the wall while all my pekka and wizards went down the GoWiPe trap the left of the core.  Leaving me with that dreaded feeling in war, “I wish I could do that again.” However, I did not think I would three star it. I was hoping that one of our 8’s would three star that base or we would only need two stars. As it turned out, a three star attack on that base is the only thing would have helped us in this war.

Clash of Clans War Stats

We gave this war all we had but came up short. With our TH7s trying to attack that maxed out TH8 we did everything and then some to get that based three stared. Jill, was the only attacker that managed to take out all of the AD on that base but she failed to get a single star on that attack. Seems she was better off having her dragons wrap around and take out the other defenses. That won’t win a way though and she knew it.

I have finally put my hogs in the lab to upgrade to four which will open the door for a Goho. A snipe with loons would not have worked as I failed to get into the core and take out the AD.

CoC Stormy Knights Most Heroic Player

Though we lost the proceeding war, this loss troubled me more. Perhaps it is our war record of CoC War Record of 6 and 3. I also thought it was a mistake to bring in Thunder without bringing StormHeart as well. Based on the matching, I was correct in that belief but I couldn’t get 15 players otherwise. Even though we jumped out to an early and commanding league, I was hoping they would not show up because I knew we were in trouble due to the strength of their number one base. We will pick up the pieces and continue on our winning ways soon. The next war will match up in a few hours.