We should send their number 6 a thank you note, he attacked with over 30 level 1 hogs twice. Didn’t do anything about the Clan Castle before his attack! Gave us two defenses. He had level 1 dragons which would have been a much better choice. But, they were a scrappy bunch and many of their attacks were good.  Aviral got three stared and he rarely does, even though he has only level 5 AD.  But we had four outright defenses in this was which is hard for them to overcome.  The final score was 29 to 27.


Neplz Warriors lose to Stormy Knights

Knights on Defense

Knights Surviving at Least One Attack

Ice Queen, Thwack, Chief Muff

Outright Defense

Chief Muff, Ice Queen, Thwack

Graphical Summary of War

Neplz War Map

Neplz vs Stormy Knights Summary

Additional Info Stormy Knights vs Neplz Warriors

Knights on Offense

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