They say “you can’t win them all” and I say, “Why not!” This was about as close as it gets. The final score was 59-59 but they got the tie breaker with .15 percent more destruction than we achieved. They had a huge advantage and used it. They killed us with level 6 hogs and level 5 dragons. The level 6 hogs were devastating to our defenses as they took out well defended air defenses over and over again. Those hogs even survive double giant bombs.

CoC War Defeat

The war came down to the attacks from the top two bases. Both sides three stared everything except the number one base. My two star was for 82 percent and they go 85 percent when they attacked me. I accidently used my AQ ability to soon and it may haunt me for a while. I don’t know if it would have made a difference but it might have.

Rocker Hero Alpha Base

Six Stars

GameOver7169, Happy, Tach95, Yosa, and MJ had two three star attacks that also gained at least one star. It wasn’t a good war for me. None of my accounts picked up dual three stars.  I had a string of two stars on bases that should have been three stars. My only good attack was on the top base. I went with 4 Pekka instead of the normal three because the base was designed to pull Pekka away from the core with most weapons outside of the walls.

War Stats are shown below:

War Stats

More War stats in CoC

One of these days, we’ll have a tie and come out on top. I think this is our second tie that resulted in a loss. We had one other tie where both clans had perfect wars so there was no winner.

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