We lost another war and it’s time to make some changes in what we do. This war looked pretty bleak from the onset. The match favored the other side but that’s normal for us as a level 4 clan with strong bases we almost always match against clans with plus one troop donations. Separi failed to fully use their advantage on defense but it hurt us on offense. They also had many bases with full GoWiPe troops which hurt us even more. Though our defense has improved, even our walls but our walls are still too weak vs those kind of attacks. I’m going to have to leave Frosty and Happy out of some wars. When there are no nines in the war, their defenses, except for walls are too high for their troop levels. They both have made huge improvements on defense and it’s in no way a punishment, we are just loosing and I’m tired of losing.

Stormy Knights War Loss

We are winning too but we are “batting 500” in our last 10 wars. That’s not good enough for me. Time for that to stop. We are getting three stared by two star attacks and that is killing us.

Six Star Knights

Sickthing, Sir Stiffy, LeOxe, Natsu and Sir Doom pulled two three star attacks. Flirtilizer attacked their number 5, a fully maxed TH8 and suffered a zero star attack on his second attack. He saw no point in attacking fully destroyed bases. The loot from a loss is so small, the experience is a better reward than loot.

Knights on Defense

While we had no defenses in this war, Sir Doom did withstand three attacks before that base was destroyed. Sir Stiffy, Gnamsu and Frosty held off at least one attacker to less than three stars.

War Stats

CoC War Stats

Additional Stats

While we are having a few loses now, we are still a new clan with 10 perfect wars. That does not happen often. We are a capable clan and will stomp you if you twitch. We did okay in this war, despite the loss. We left only two bases with fewer than three stars. That is enough to win most wars. The opposing clan was too strong for our troops and our defenses too weak. It’s not a complicated loss and the match was close enough that we had a chance. We need to work on our ground attacks and our defense. We will get back to our big winning streaks. One knight asked, “Do we have to have a perfect war to win?” It almost seems the answer is yes.

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