This loss depressed me. We put up a good fight vs this level 6 clan. The final score was 58 to 59. Their number six came in late in the game and three stared a base that few three star. He knew exactly how to take it out. We had two bases with two stars and they got all of our bases except for one, our top 9 on the map. Their top two nines were 2 stared. My first attack got 98% on their number 2 and that ended up being the deciding factor in the war. It still depresses me.

Six Star Nights

Gameover7169, and Natsu were the only two to get two six star attacks on bases that had not already been defeated. Flirtilizer had a lost connection early in his first attack and Sickthing ran a scouting attack on their number 1 for no stars.

I failed to take any screen shots for this war, an oversight on my part.

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